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Grand Rounds Schedule 2015-2016

Chairman’s Conference Room, D-203
671 Hoes Lane Piscataway, NJ
Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

For additional information, please call Susan Connolly at 732-235-4325.
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September 3, 2015
Title: Alcohol and Suicide: Theory and Evidence

Kenneth conner, Psy.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

University of Rochester Medical Center

Rocherst, NY

Director, VISN 2 Center for Excellence for Suicide Prevention

Canandaigua, NY

September 10, 2015
Title: Where Do the Medicines You Prescribe Come From? The Process of Clinical Trials with Examples from the KU Research Unit

Matthew Macaluso, D.O.

Assistant Professor

Director of Residency Training

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

University of Kanasas School of Medicine

Wichita, Kansas                                                                          

October 1, 2015
Title: Role of Neurogensis in Pyschiatry

Helen F. Scharfman, Ph.D.

The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

New York University Langone Medical Center

New York, NY

October 8, 2015
Title: Developing Transitional approach to Treating OCD

Helen Blair Simpson, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

Columbia University School of Medicine

and Director of Center for Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders

New York, NY

November 5, 2015
Title: The New Neurobiology of Addiction and Implications for Treatment

Petro Levounis, M.D., M.A.

Chair, Department of Psychiatry

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Chair of Service, University Hospital

Newark, NJ

November 12, 2015
Title: Population Health and the Integration of Behavioral Health Sciences

Alfred Tallia, M.D., MPH

Professor, Family Medicine

Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

New Brunswick, NJ

December 3, 2015
Title: Treatment Resistent Depression

James Murrough, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pyshciatry

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

Department of Psychiatry

Mount Sinai Medical School

New York, NY

December 10, 2015
Title: To Be Determined

Brian Chu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Associate Chair

Department of Clinical Psychology

Graudate School of applied and Professional Psychology

Rutgers Unievrsity

Piscataway, NJ

January 7, 2016
Title: The Common Functional Architecture of Major Disorders: Implication for Trans-Diagnostic Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Disease

Sohpia Frangou, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry

Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY

January 14, 2016
Title: Therapeutic Misconception in Clinical and Translational Research

Paul S. Applebaum, M.D.

Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine & Law

Director, Division of Law, Ethics and Psychiatry

Director, Center for Research on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Psychiatric, Neurologic and Behavioral Genetics

Department of Psychiatry

Columbia Uniervsity College of Physicians and Surgeons

New York, NY

February 4, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

February 11, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

March 3, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

March 10, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

April 7, 2016
Title: To Be Determined
Speaker: Psychiatric Resident/Dr. Palmeri, Discussant

April 14, 2016
Title: 17th Annual Department of Psychiatry Poster Presentation
Speaker: To Be Determined/Marc Steinberg, Ph.D., Discussant

May 5, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

Jess P. Shatkin, M.D., MPH

Vice Chair for Education

NYU Child Study Center

Director, Undergraduate Studies

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies (CAMS)

NYU College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatrics

New York University School of Medicine

New York, NY

May 12, 2016
Title: To Be Determined

Forensic Fellows/Dr. Rusty Reeves, Discussant

June 2, 2016

To Be Determined


Child Fellow/Discussant

June 9, 2016

To Be Determined

Speaker: Psychology Intern/Edward Barret, Ph.D., Discussant