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Ning J. Yue, Ph.D.


Vice Chairman and Chief of Physics

Tel: 732-253-3985


  • Medical Physics Residency: Thomas Jefferson University
  • Ph.D.        University of Pennsylvania
  • B.S.          University of Science and Technology of China

Academic Appointments:

  • Professor


  • Member of AAPM Brachytherapy Subcommittee
  • ASTRO Young Investigater Travel Award: 1998
  • ASTRO Resident of Year: 1996
  • CUSPEA: 1986
  • USTC Guo Moruo Award: 1986
  • Certificate of American Board of Radiology in Therapeutic Physics

Research Interests:

  • Image Guided Radiotherapy and Image Registration
  • Brachytherapy
  • Radiobiological Modeling.

Clinical Interests:

  • All aspects of radiation oncology

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications for the Recent 5 Years:

  1. Ning J. Yue, "Energy Spectrum Based Calculation of the Half and the Tenth Value Layers for Brachytherapy Sources Using a Semi-Empirical Parameterized Mass Attenuation Coefficient Formulism", Med. Phys. 35(6): 2286-2293, 2008.
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  6. RN Selvaraj, S Beriwal, RJ Pourarian, RJ Lalonde, A Chen, K Mehta, G Brunner, KA Wagner, NJ Yue, MS Huq, DE Heron, "Clinical Implementation of Tangential Field Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Using Sliding Window Technique and Dosimetric Comparison with 3D Conformal Therapy (3DCRT) in Breast Cancer", Med Dosim. 2007 32(4):299-304.
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