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The Division of Radiation Physics

Ning J. Yue, PhD, FAAPM, DABR
Chief of Physics
Professor and Vice Chairman

Rihan Davis, BS, CMD
Chief Dosimetrist

Message from the Chief

In the Department of Radiation Oncology, the role of the Radiation Physics Division is to provide clinical support, education of radiological physics, and to conduct research and development. Treatment planning, dosimetry measurement and calibration, system quality assurance, implementation and introduction of new technologies and new equipment are all part of the clinical support radiation physicists and dosimetrists routinely provide. Radiation physicists and dosimetrists are responsible for teaching principles of radiological physics and various dosimetric techniques to radiation oncology residents, physicist trainees, dosimetrist students and therapist students. One of the major responsibilities and missions of our radiation physics group is to actively initiate and participate in research and development of new techniques, technologies and clincial protocols.

Message from the Chief of Dosimetry

Medical dosimetrists fulfill a unique and demanding role within the Department of Radiation Oncology. Providing expert consultation to radiation oncologists, physicists, residents and radiation therapists on treatment planning, simulation and treatment setup and delivery, our dosimetrists have a vast knowledge of the technical aspects of radiation oncology. Our medical dosimetrists are nationally certified and participate in departmental education, research and national research protocols. Our clinical affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University 's medical dosimetry program provides a dynamic academic environment within the physics department.



Treatment Planning & Radiosurgery


Physicists and Dosimetrists

  • Ting Chen, Ph.D., DABR, Assistant Professor
  • Venkat Narra, Ph.D., DABR, Associate Professor
  • Ke Nie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Ning J. Yue, Ph.D. FAAPM, DABR, Professor, Chief and Vice Chairman
  • Miao Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Wei Jennifer Zou, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Alvin Khan, Ph.D., Instructor
  • Meral Reyhan, Ph.D.
  • Rihan Davis, B.S.,C.M.D, Chief Dosimetrist
  • Bernard Gilson, C.M.D., Dosimetrist
  • Kevin McMichael, C.M.D., Dosimetrist
  • Anthony Carbonaro, C.M.D., Dosimetrist
  • Shadonna Homes, C.M.D., Dosimetrist
Medical Physics Residents
  • Zhiyan Xiao, Ph.D.
  • Jessica Huang, M.S.
  • Xiao Wang, Ph.D.


  • Brachytherapy
  • Image Process and Registration
  • Radiobiological Modeling
  • 4D Dosimetry
  • Gated Radiotherapy
  • Radiosurgery

Team Members