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Quality Improvement

2018 Selected QI Resident Directors - Catherine King, MD & Halley Park, MD

2017 Selected QI Resident Directors - Catherine King, MD & Sara Venezia, DO

2016 Selected QI Resident Directors - Martha Ksepka, MD & Kumar Shah, MD

2015 Selected QI Resident Director - Philip Murilo, MD

2014 Selected QI Resident Director - Justin Alpert, MD

2013 Selected QI Resident Director - Puneet Belani, MD

The QI Resident Director is a position on the same level as chief resident. This resident provides a leadership role and given opportunities to enhance education regarding the intricacies of QI activities.  This resident assists in the education of other residents regarding QI. 

The selected resident is given financial support to attend a national meeting with a focus on QI.  Upon his or her return, the resident provides a summary of the meeting to the other residents in the program.

This resident completes a substantial QI project and submits the resulting manuscript to a major peer-reviewed radiology journal.  The presentation of the project at a national meeting is encouraged.  The project selected is be designed to enhance departmental QI activities.   Mentorship from faculty is provided from Dr. Basak, Dr. Kempf, and Dr. Schonfeld.

The resident QI director serves as the contact person for junior residents to help them deal effectively with adverse events or quality issues that may impact them.  The resident QI director is involved in the formulation of the monthly QA conferences run by an attending and another resident.   The resident QI director lectures on QI topics derived from suggestions and recommendations from residents, issues identified at the department QA conference, and self-selected topics. This resident works closely with Dr. Schonfeld, the QI program director, and the associate program director in enhancing QI opportunities and education for the residents in the program.  Furthermore, this resident serves as a liaison between the residency program and the University Radiology Group's QA Committee.

A critical component of the radiology residency is completion of a Quality Improvement project. This involves direct involvement in a project that involves findings a practice problem to improve upon or correct, developing an intervention, implementing that intervention and then quantitatively measuring the effect of the intervention. Examples include accuracy of radiology reports regarding right/left discrepancy, complications related to image guided procedures and documentation of communication with referring physicians regarding urgent findings.

The following are some recent QI projects completed/currently underway in our residency:

  • Depalma and K. Shah: Assessment of Rate of Urinary Tract Infection Occurrence in Postoperative Neurointerventional Stroke patients after Implementing a Mandatory Standardized Protocol for Urinary Foley Catheter removal.
  • Eckstein, Hasan, Alpert: Streamlining of process of ordering and reporting of radiographs assessing retained foreign bodies in the OR.
  • Sheikh and Shingala: Assessing Radiation Dose Associated with Head CTs in the Pediatric Population at RWJUH.
  • Garg: Improving ICD-10 Compliance Using Standardized Reporting of Extremity Radiographs with Templated Laterality.
  • Samartine: Evaluating and Improving Patient CT Imaging Beyond Anatomic Boundaries.
  • Jamil Shaikh: Analysis of "Time-Outs" during outpatient IR procedures.
  • Effective Communication of Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives in Obtaining Informed Consents for Radiologic Procedures.
  • Naidu: Use of Wide Beam Reconstruction for Cardiac SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Studies to Decrease Patient Radiation Dose.
  • Belani and Zou: Ergonomics in Radiology: What the Radiologist Needs to Know.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Sonographic Evaluation for Acute Appendicitis. Murillo, Schnall, Simon, Underberg-Davis
  • Discrepancy Rates of Radiology Resident Interpretations of Cases During Call Shifts ?? Banbahji, Labib, Schonfeld, Nosher, DeCarvalho
  • Recommendations for the Role of Ultrasound Evaluation for Acute Appendicitis in Pediatric Patients at RWJUH ??Murillo, Schnall, Simon, Underberg-Davis
  • Module on Radiation Risks from CT- From Basic Radiology Biology Understanding Cancer Risks to CT Dose Reduction:  An Educational Module for Radiology Residents ??Sundararajan, Kempf, Basak
  • Evaluating and Improving Radiology Turnaround Time at RWJUH ??Belani, Zou, Becker
  • Inpatient PET/CT Utilization at RWJUH ?Alpert, Kempf
  • V M Lee, MD; R Bhavsar, MD; P Ohman-Strickland, PhD,MS; J McCoy, MD;  M P Bramwit, MD. Awareness of High CT Utilization Patients in the Emergency Department and Its Effect on the Ordering Practices of Emergency Department Physicians.