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Interest in Radiologic Research

Leveraging the experimental results gathered through funding from the UMDNJ Foundation and Sirtex Medical, Inc. a cross-disciplinary team of investigators from Radiology and CINJ are developing new approaches for detecting, tracking and characterizing tumor response to treatment. This work has already resulted in a presentation at the Cancer Imaging and Radiation Therapy Symposium. Held in Atlanta, GA and a joint manuscript in the journal of Academic Radiology. Through funding from the Shimamura Fellowship, Rebekah Gensure, an MD, Ph.D student working under the direction of Dr. Foran and Dr. Nosher is expanding these studies and conducting performance analysis of the imaging and quantitative algorithms under development.

In a set of parallel efforts, Drs. Foran, Amorosa, Aisner (CINJ) and Nosher are using a reference library of low-dose helical computed tomography (CT) and standard chest X-ray provided by the National Lung Screening Trial to evaluate a suite of newly developed imaging tools for (1) tracking and assessing tumor response to treatment; (2) therapy planning; and (3) predicting patient outcomes.

The Department of Radiology has established a formal rotation in Medical Imaging & Informatics for the radiology residency program. The goal of this rotation is to educate the resident in four areas of medical imaging and informatics: (1) quantitative image analysis, (2) statistical pattern recognition, and (3) computer-assisted diagnosis (4) teleradiology. Residents and faculty who are interested in participating in these rotations and the associated seminar series are encouraged to contact Dr. Foran ( or Dr. Nosher (