Academic Rules and Regulations

40th Edition, 2016-2017

Copyright Guidelines

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty, staff and students must follow copyright law guidelines that have been adopted by Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School to provide general guidance on the use of copyrighted works and reduce the risk of copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is a criminal act as well as a civil violation and may result in grave consequences to the University and to the individual.

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Please Note: Occasionally, revisions are made in the Academic Rules and Regulations and these revised rules supersede all others, and are applicable to all classes immediately.

Ordinarily, all of the Academic Rules and Regulations apply to all students. However, certain recently adopted rules do not apply to all students, specifically IV.A.1. For students who completed successfully any part of the preclinical curriculum prior to the 2002-2003 academic year, the maximum allowable time limit for Preclinical studies is 4 years.

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