Dual Degree Programs


Robert Wood Johnson Medical School established two MD/JD dual program options: one with the School of Law of Rutgers University and one with Seton Hall University of Law. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at Camden has established a MD/JD dual program option with the School of Law, Rutgers University - Camden. Students from either medical school campus may apply to this program.

Applications are usually made in the Fall of the M3 year. LSAT exams will be completed in the same period. Admitted students will be assigned to a law school/medical school mentor team. The student may sample a law school course during the M3 year to confirm interest. Required clerkship schedules will be rearranged so that less time - intensive clerkships are subscribed concurrent with the sampling of the law school course. Following the M3 year, students will enroll full-time in the L1 and L2 academic years. Law course work will continue in summer session following L2 and possibly during available elective time in the M4 year. While enrolled in law school, students will work under a medical school mentor in his/her clinic one-half day every other week to maintain clinical skills. Students will be granted approximately one semester's credit at law school for their medical school course work. Reciprocal credit will be given for law courses in M4 elective times.

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