Dual Degree Programs


Course work for the Master of Public Health degree can be integrated into the medical curriculum in several ways. Most students in this dual degree program initiate course work in their first and second years, usually taking one evening class per week instead of the medical school courses in environmental and community medicine. A limited amount of summer course work is also available. Students can complete the 45 credits required for the MPH degree by taking a year of concentrated public health course work between years 2 and 3 or between years 3 and 4 of their medical curriculum or by using the medical school flexible curriculum and integrating public health courses over the three year period. Alternatively, by taking MPH courses in one summer and during 4th year elective time, it is possible to complete the bulk of the MPH program during the four years of medical school without adding a year of study. Students taking this approach can complete the degree by arranging a limited number of credits, including the required fieldwork experience, during their residency training.

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