Curriculum Committee Overview

Who does the committee report to?

  • RWJMS by-laws state that the faculty establishes the requirements for the MD degree
  • The Curriculum Committee develops, reviews and makes policy determinations regarding the curriculum for the M.D. degree and recommends these decisions to the faculty and the Dean.

Who determines the agenda for the committee?

  • The Chair creates the agenda for the committee
  • Any faculty member or student can contact the chair to place an item on the agenda

How are committee members selected?

  • 5 faculty from preclinical departments are elected

  • 5 faculty from clinical departments are elected

  • 5 faculty are appointed by the Dean

  • 4 students are elected; one from each class (1 M1, 1 M2, 1 M3, 1 M4)

What does the committee do?

  • Develop, review and make policy determinations regarding the curriculum
  • Establish degree requirements
  • Determine curricular competencies and educational goals and objectives
  • Review the curriculum as a whole in addition to individual courses and clerkships
  • Monitor content and workload of courses
  • Monitor and propose changes in teaching methodology
  • Approve academic calendar

What are current committee projects?

  • Real-time monitoring of New M1/M2 Curriculum
  • Internal curricular mapping
  • M3/M4 restructuring
  • M4 “Boot Camps”
  • Vertical integration pilot for evidence-based medicine, health policy, and metabolic syndrome/obesity


Contact Information:

Siobhan A. Corbett, M.D.
M1/M2 Curriculum Director
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Clinical Academic Building Room 7319
125 Paterson Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903
Phone:  732-235-7348

Office of Education
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
675 Hoes Lane West, TC-116
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

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