Block Review Form

Block Name: ______________________________________

Block Catalog Number: _________________________________

Date report submitted to committee: _________________________

Period this report covers: __________________________________

Subcommittee: _________________________________________(chair)




Part One (to be completed by the block director(s):

Basic Information:

1. List the sponsoring department and all other departments involved in running the block.

2. How many MD students take the block? PA students?  Grad students?  Other?

3. Provide the name(s) of the block director(s) and the number of years served in the position.  List all
participating faculty, including rank and affiliation.

4. Please describe the time dedicated for the block director(s) to spend on block-related activities.  Include opportunities for development as an educator and attendance at national meetings.

5. Describe the secretarial-administrative support available for this block.  Is it adequate?  If not, what
support is required? Are you using departmental or OoE-based support?

6. Describe the level of IT support available for this block.  Is it adequate?  If not, what support is required?

7. Please list and provide a brief description of any programs attended by block faculty that were designed to enhance teaching or presentation skills.

8. Please evaluate the existing resources available for the block in terms of space, faculty and AV needs.

Block Content and Format:

As an appendix, please attach a copy of the most recent block syllabus, including the schedule, objectives,
grading policy, etc., as is given to students.  Please indicate how the block’s goals and objectives are linked
to the school’s overall objectives.

9.      Provide a brief narrative of the block content and the sequence with which it is presented. Please
include a description and rationale for current pedagogical methods.

10.    Briefly describe aspects of the block that are specifically intended to foster integrative learning across
other blocks presented concurrently (horizontal) and between semesters/years (vertical).  Also comment on
any plans that are in place for the future.

11.    Are block materials reviewed periodically by clinical faculty to provide relevant updates?  If so, how
often is this accomplished?

12.    Depending on the modality of content delivery, briefly comment on your mechanism of informing block
faculty about content to ensure its integration with other material.

13.    Of the total number of hours allotted to the block, what is their distribution in the following categories,
for the most recent academic year?


# of hours



Small group*







* Includes Jigsaws if appropriate

14.    Describe the opportunities provided for the development of problem-solving skills.

15.    Are the hours allotted to this block appropriate?  Should the block hours/category distribution be
changed?  If so, how?

16a. Does the block have a website?  Describe its content and the role that it plays in the block.

16b.  Please describe those components of the block that are solely computer-based?

17.    List required and recommended books and materials, including ebook or echapter material.  Do
you provide printed material to students? If so, what?

18.    Please attach the block competencies and their method(s) of evaluation.  How are the block
competencies communicated to students?

Block Evaluation:

19a. Summarize the evaluations of the block (including evaluations or departmental and non-departmental
faculty) by both current students and students from the previous year if available. Please attach compiled
student evaluations and a summary.

19b. What are the major student concerns?  How have these concerns been addressed in the past?  For the future?

Evaluation of Students:

20.    Briefly describe the system used to evaluate student performance in the block.  Is there formative assessment during the block and/or a mechanism for identifying and aiding students who are performing poorly?  How do you remediate students who do not pass the block?

21.    How are expectations of professional conduct conveyed to students in this block?  Is there a mechanism to evaluate professional behavior (e.g. observation in small groups/labs)?

22.    How many internally prepared examinations are given?  If internally prepared exams are given:

         A.   What format is used?  (Multiple choice, true/false, matching, open-ended, short answer, essay,
oral, other)

         B.   Do these exams include problem-solving exercises?

         C.   Discuss the process by which exam questions are generated.

         D.   Are quizzes given?  If so, do these contribute to the final grade?

23.    Is narrative feedback provided in this block?

24.    Check any of these evaluation methods if they are used in your block.

    • NBME subject examinations
    • faculty/preceptor/resident ratings of student performance
    • OSCE or standardized-patient evaluation
    • other (describe)

25.    How are students able to assess their learning progress in this block prior to the exam? 

26.    If NBME subject examinations are used, give mean scores showing the performance of your students
over the past three years.

Mean score


27.    Please describe the percent composition of student’s final grade:

Internal exams




NBME subject exam


OSCE/Standardized Patient Exam


Small group


Other (please indicate here)


You may add additional rows as necessary




28.    Show the final grades assigned for the last three years:  Provide the number of students and the percentage of the total, for the indicated academic years.




         * If available

Final Items:

29.    What, in your opinion, are the greatest strengths of the block?  the greatest weaknesses?

30.    What do you see as the major obstacles to improving the block?

31.    What changes in the block do you plan for next year, if any?  How do the changes address the
evaluation comments?  How will these changes affect attaining goals and objectives?

32.    What additional resources would you wish for this block (in the perfect world)?

Block Director______________________     ____________________________   

          Signature                                           Date

Part Two (to be completed by Curriculum Committee Subcommittee of Review):

Evaluate the block for appropriateness of its contents, its format and its placement in the curriculum.

Evaluate the block for the adequateness of its resources, including support for faculty & development,
secretarial-administrative support, space, and IT support.

Evaluate significant changes in any of the above that have been put in place since the most recent review.

Evaluate the degree to which this block encourages both horizontal and vertical integration.  Are there
plans in place for further integration?

Evaluate the block web site.

Are block goals and objectives articulated in the competency format?

Evaluate the block methodology for measuring student achievement of block objectives.

Are concerns raised in the distribution of student performance over the period of this review?

Are issues raised in student evaluations of the block?  To what extent has the block director(s) responded to these issues?

Final remarks and recommendation for next review of the block.

Part Three (to be completed by the Curriculum Committee after the subcommittee report is reviewed):

Discussion of the block and the subcommittee report at the Curriculum Committee

Final report and recommendations by the Curriculum Committee





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