Status Report

Evaluation of New Required Courses

Regular reviews of established courses are currently conducted every three years.  The Curriculum Committee has agreed however, that the progress of new courses or clerkships should be monitored in order to provide support to the course/clerkship directors and/or timely feedback if changes in the course are required.

Towards this end, each new required course will have a brief review, termed a “Status Report”, for the first two years, after which the course will enter the formal review process on a three-year cycle.

As part of the status report, the Curriculum Committee will request from the course/clerkship director the following items (where applicable):

  • Course/clerkship Goals and Objectives
  • Grade distribution
  • Student feedback
  • Mean test scores

In addition, we will request a brief narrative from the course/clerkship director that details any challenges they have faced in the past year and how these will be addressed.

This information will be reviewed by a single curriculum committee member for presentation to the committee as whole.  The course/clerkship director will be asked to attend if needed.

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