Research and Clinical Opportunities

NIH/Duke Master's Program


Training Program in Clinical Research, NIH Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center in collaboration with Duke University Medical Center.

This collaborative training program between the NIH Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center and the Duke University School of Medicine meets an existing need at NIH for formalized academic training in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research. Designed primarily for clinical fellows and other health professionals who are training for careers in clinical research, the program offers formal courses in research design, research, management and statistical analysis. Courses for this program are offered at the Clinical Center by means of video-conferencing from Duke or on site by adjunct faculty.

Degree Option:

The degree option leads to a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research, a professional degree awarded by the School of Medicine at Duke University. The degree requires 24 credits of graded course work plus a research project for which 12 units of credit are given. The program is designed for part-time study, which allows the fellow / student to integrate the program's academic training with his or her clinical training.

All persons taking courses in the Training Program in Clinical Research must be nominated by the NIH Admissions Committee and formally admitted by the School of Medicine at Duke University. An advanced degree in a clinical health science (or two years of medical school) from an accredited institution is a prerequisite for admission, either as a degree candidate (Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research) or as a non-degree student.