Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions Concerning Orientation

Do I really need to come to orientation?

Yes!  Orientation is required.  Do not make the mistake of not coming.  This will be one of the most memorable weeks of medical school.  You will get to know your fellow classmates, upperclassmen, as well as professors during orientation.  There is also a wealth of information that you will be given during this week.  We guarantee that you will have lots of fun!

What should I expect of orientation week?

On the first day of orientation, you will be split into groups of approximately 12 students each.  Every group will be led by two Peer Mentors.  The Peer Mentors are rising second year students who have a tremendous amount of knowledge to impart to the first years.  During Orientation Week, you will spend time as a class in the lecture hall as well as time in your Peer Mentor groups.  Every evening, there will be a different Night Event.  These activities are fun and entertaining.  There will also be smaller leisure activities throughout the day.  Expect Orientation Week to be both informative and enjoyable!

Questions Concerning Housing

Is there on-campus housing at RWJMS?

The 2012-2013 school year marks the first time we will have limited graduate housing available through Rutgers University. Please check on Housing for detailed information.

Where can I find information and advice about finding housing around Robert Wood Johnson Medical School?

For information about finding housing, please see our Housing and Housing Advice pages.

Questions Concerning Required Materials and Reading

Where can I find the required list of textbooks?

We recommend waiting until orientation week to purchase textbooks. Your Peer Mentors will give you invaluable advice concerning textbooks during Orientation. Click here for the first year book list.

Am I required to have an iPhone?

Students are required to purchase one of the following mobile technology devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. This will allow students to have easy access to all of the curriculum capabilities such as the calendar, note-taking software, and other applications for academic learning. Stay tuned for an IT Technology Overview from the school, which will be mailed to all students this summer.

Do I need to purchase any "doctoring equipment" like a White Coat, stethoscope, otoscope, etc.?

White Coats will be provided to you at no charge.  You will be required to have certain equipment such as a stethoscope for the Patient Centered Medicine course, however we encourage you to wait until orientation to purchase these materials.  You will receive information on exactly what you need to buy and where you can buy it during orientation week and the first few weeks of class.

Is there any required reading that needs to be completed before Orientation Week?

Please see the Forms and Mailings page for the recommended summer assignment for the Patient Centered Medicine course.

Other Questions

For further questions, please Contact Us!


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