Survival Guide for Living in New Brunswick and Surrounding Areas

Tips for Surviving New Brunswick and Piscataway Area


Tips:  There is a Bank of America ATM located in the school which becomes very convenient at least for the first two years.  There is a Bank of America very close to the school if you are going to be living in the Piscataway area near the school.

The banks listed below are the most commonly used by students:

Bank of America: rated as most convenient for first 2 years of medical school

1280 Centennial Ave, Piscataway
480 Hoes Lane, Piscataway
5001 Stelton Road, South Plainfield
410 George Street, New Brunswick
609 Livingston Ave, New Brunswick
245 Easton Ave, New Brunswick

Wells Fargo

120 Albany Street, New Brunswick
1341 Stelton Road, Piscataway
4801 Stelton Road, South Plainfield

PNC:  inconvenient for first 2 years because they are not very close to the school

2014 Rt. 27 and Fitch Road, Edison
Two Tower Center Boulevard, East Brunswick
Ferren Deck Mall, New Brunswick

TD Bank:

70 Bayard Street, New Brunswick
1068 Stelton Road, Piscataway

Supermarkets and Groceries

Tips:  Don’t always choose the store that is closest to your apartment! Sometimes students get tricked into only going to the supermarket that is closest to their apartments when just one mile down the road is a more affordable and higher quality grocery store!  One question students always ask, “Is there a Whole Foods or Wegmans?”  Answer:  Sadly, there is not a close Whole Foods or Wegmans that would be convenient for students

Shoprite (With Pharmacy)
1306 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway

Tips: Closest to the school and most Piscataway houses; however is always very crowded and is very cramped….not exactly a pleasant shopping experience

Super Stop and Shop (With Pharmacy)

581 Stelton Road, Piscataway

Tips:  Just a little farther up the road from Shoprite and is more preferred among students

1321 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway

Tips: Lowest quality option, however is much much cheaper than the rest….often used for basics such as cereals and paper products

Wal-Mart (With Pharmacy)

1303 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway

Tips: It’s a Wal-Mart……use it for cleaning products, plates, cups, napkins, bulk  food items, pretty much anything your heart desires, just avoid the fresh produce and meat

Super Shoprite
611 West Union Ave, Bound Brook

242 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex

Super Stop and Shop
980 Easton Ave, Somerset

Stop and Shop
424 Raritan Avenue, Highland Park


Furniture Stores

Tips:  There is a lack of affordable furniture stores in the area and is often a major complaint among students.  However, below are the 2 furniture stores that should be checked out for affordable furniture that will DELIVER TO YOUR APARMENT/HOUSE

Bob’s Discount Furniture

621 U.S. 1, North Brunswick

Tips: Excellent for bedroom sets including mattresses and bed frames

Ashley Furniture Store

3730 Route 1 North, North Brunswick

Tips: Better for living area furniture such as couches, kitchen tables, etc….

Tips Cont…For office furniture such as desks or computer tables, the best options are stores such as Staples, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, Office Max…..and they will normally deliver anywhere


Utilities in Central Jersey Area

Cable/Internet: (

Tips:  The most common cable/internet is from Optimum Cable which is Cablevision.  There website is very useful and there are often very nice packaging deals.  Students can also find that some of the satellite services are used for cable by some landlords.  Sadly, Verizon Fios services are not commonly found in development where students will live.

Electric/Gas: (

Tips: Almost all students use PSE&G for the electric and gas services in the area

Water: (                  

Tips: Almost all students use New Jersey American Water for their water services


Tips: Almost no one uses home phone services but if you were going to, then Optimum listed above is your best bet

Cell Phone Service:

Verizon, ATT, and Sprint are most common among current students and all three providers have great reception around the school and around the hospital. 



Tips:  There are train NJ Transit Train Stations in New Brunswick and Edison that will go from Hamilton in South Jersey to Penn Station in NYC.  THERE ARE NO DIRECT TRAINS TO PHILADELPHIA OR WASHINGTON DC, however with a couple transfers, trips to Philadelphia and DC are possible


Tips:  There is no convenient airport to the area.  The closest major airport is Newark Liberty International Airport which is an hour from school



Victory Cabs

All Brunswick Taxi

Yellow Cabs

Township Taxi