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Required Instruments


To:         First and Second Year Medical Students


     From:     Carol A. Terregino, M.D.

                   Associate Dean for Admissions

                   Director, Clinical Skills Center

                   Co-Course Director, Patient Centered Medicine I & II


     Date:      June 19, 2007


     RE:         Instruments to be purchased by medical students

Greetings to all.   As the course director for Physical Diagnosis, and co-course director for Patient Centered Medicine, I am providing you with a list of medical instruments that will be required for first and second year classes.  

Mr. Paul Stein, Director of the Kessler Teaching Laboratories, has kindly arranged for students to purchase instruments at reasonable prices.   Good quality instruments are important for your training.   You will have these instruments for years.   Every medical student should have a good blood pressure cuff on hand when on the wards.   However, you are under no obligation to acquire your instruments through this mechanism, nor is there any institutional endorsement of the instruments or the guarantee of low prices.   During Orientation, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers will be sold for first year students. After the start of the fall semester, orders will be taken for the rest of the instruments.

Of note for the early second year opthalmology sessions in the Teaching Labs in Piscataway , there will be very limited number of opthalmoscopes that can be borrowed.

Summary of Required Instruments

Stethoscope (Littmann Cardiology III Recommended)


Reflex Hammer

Tuning Fork

Otoscope/Opthalmoscope – Panoptic not necessary

Disposable 4mm otoscope specula