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I Wish I'd Known..

Looking back on our own orientation, we realized that there were certain things that we would have liked to have known. They would have made life a little easier.  

Some Helpful Advice for the Week of Orientation

        Try to set-up your apartment amenities (cable, electric, etc.) and be completely moved in before orientation begins.

        Wear clothing in layers. The building tends to be either too hot or too cold.

        Bring a cell phone. There are only 2 payphones in the actual medical school building.

        Bring both a credit card and a checkbook. You will have opportunities to purchase new/used books, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, scrubs, and memberships to the different medical associations on campus.

        Remember, if you are required to purchase something, we will make it clear; you do not have to buy everything presented to you.


Some Helpful Advice for the First Semester

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Whether it's a personal or academic issue (you won't be the only one), don't hesitate to seek advice or help from your class, your peer mentors and other second years, student affairs deans or cognitive skills staff.   Med school can be stressful and at some point every one of us is likely to need some sort of help.

Stay on top of things; cramming does not work like it did in college.

Wait to buy books until you have spoken with second years and you have started class. All classes are different; you need to find out what works best for you.   For some classes the notes themselves may be more than sufficient.

Gross Anatomy smells BAD! Invest in the scrubs-they are worth the money. You may also want to bring body spray/cologne to mask the smell after lab.

Once Anatomy begins, you will probably be in school until at least 5 o'clock. Try to accomplish the tasks that require normal business hours before the start of school.

Use your time in lab; it is VERY tempting to leave early but you will regret it, come the practical.

Find a friend with whom to share lockers. Many people in our class decided to keep all the smelly clothes in a "dirty" locker and the books, coats, etc. in a "clean" locker.

Use your peer mentors; they have done this already, so you can learn from their mistakes.