All students must pay a parking fee to receive a hangtag and utilize Robert Wood Johnson Medical School parking facilities. This fee is currently $160.50 per year. Always display your hangtag on your vehicle hanging from your rearview mirror. Otherwise you will be ticketed. On the Piscataway campus there will be no ticketing of cars parked in general parking areas or at the parking meters from 6:00 PM to 5:00 AM, Monday through Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Falsification and/or reproduction of official University parking hangtags may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or termination.

Replacement of lost or mutilated parking hangtags will be made upon payment of a replacement fee. If the loss of a parking hangtag is due to an act of theft or vandalism of the vehicle in which the parking hangtag was displayed, the replacement fee will be waived. A copy of the campus police report or a local police report must be provided at the time a replacement hangtag is requested.

For information on parking at the Sonny Werblin Recreation Center, please see the fitness facilities section of the handbook.

Piscataway campus parking:

There are 4 lots available for parking: lots A, B, C, and “the gravel.” Do not park at the guaranteed parking with a Rutgers RWJMS hangtag.

New Brunswick campus and hospital parking:

The only parking available is the Joyce Kilmer and Paterson Street Parking Lot located at the rear of 97 Paterson Street. (Make the first left at the light right after the overpass when heading in the direction of Somerset/West. The parking lot will be on you immediate left.)

You should be able to find a parking space after 5 PM and, if you're lucky, after 1 PM. Don't park on the diagonal line, which is considered a safety zone for vehicles to travel around the lot. If you park in the safety zone, you will receive a parking ticket.

Don't park in the yellow highlighted parking spaces located in the corner of Paterson Street and Jelin Street. These are reserved spaces for the law firms across the street. If you park there, you will be ticketed and towed by NBPD.

Note that the Paterson St. parking deck is operated by the New Brunswick Parking Authority, and you will not be able to get your ticket validated. Parking is charged at an hourly rate.

For questions on getting your parking validated go to the Administration Office in the CAB building during business hours or call the office at (732) 235-6202.


Forgot your hangtag?
If you forget your hangtag, you can purchase a one day tag from the cashier in Liberty Plaza on the 4th floor. They may also be obtained from the Cashier's office in Piscataway, room V-02, for a $3.00 (plus tax) fee. You must complete the date on the hangtag or you will receive a ticket for having an invalid hangtag displayed.

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