Student Assistance Facilitator (SAF)


SAF logoRobert Wood Johnson Medical School recognizes the difficulties and stresses that accompany the pursuit of professional and scientific careers and the complications that arise if alcohol, drugs, emotional or physical impairment occurs. As educators of future healthcare and scientific professionals, the RWJMS community has a special responsibility to assure that help is available to any student who may be impaired due to mental health and substance abuse problems.

The purpose of the Student Assistance Facilitator (SAF) is to help students who may be suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse problems to obtain appropriate and effective treatment as early as possible. Self-referrals as well as referrals from all members of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School community are encouraged. In addition, the SAF recognizes the importance of confidential and early intervention in helping with full recovery. The SAF is available to answer questions, to provide information, or to suggest referral.

Respect for Privacy

The SAF is mindful of students’ privacy and gives impaired students an opportunity to continue their education without stigma during recovery and maintenance.

Who is the SAF?

Dr. Heather Sophia Lee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualitative Researcher, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. At the core of her clinical and research interests is stigma as an access barrier to health and social services for vulnerable populations, most notably individuals experiencing homelessness, substance use issues, preceded by adverse childhood experiences. Dr. Lee has a special interest in helping to identify ways in which substance use issues are addressed in primary care settings in addition to collaborations on intervention research with colleagues in the research division.

You can contact her by phone or email to arrange a private meeting.

For More Information contact:

    Heather Sophia Lee, PhD, LCSW
    Phone: (732) 743-3257

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