Student Affairs

Student Affairs Deans are available for personal counseling. Students can interact with the Deans via scheduled appointments (morning, lunchtime, and evenings), walk-in visits, email, or telephone calls. Students Affairs Deans may give students their beeper numbers or cell phone numbers. During the preclinical years the Student Affairs Deans monitor the academic progress of students. The Student Affairs Deans develop action plans to reach out to students in academic difficulty. They assess issues which may be impacting performance. During the clinical years there is continued monitoring and counseling available to students.

Student Affairs Deans maintain close contact via monthly meetings with the student leaders of the numerous organizations and interest groups. The Dean of the Medical School holds a monthly meeting over lunch with students where he encourages an open and frank dialogue regarding medical school and medical student concerns.

"At Robert Wood Johnson Medical School we support our students with a full array of programs which foster both personal and professional growth. From the White Coat Ceremony at Orientation to the Convocation Ceremony at graduation you will be nurtured and prepared for the challenges which lie ahead of you."

Office of Student Affairs - Piscataway
Phone: 732-235-4690
Fax:     732-235-5078


Sonia Garcia Laumbach, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Room TC-113



Daniel Mehan, PhD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Room TC-113



Cynthia Ferrer-Cespedes, MPH
Program Director for Student & Multicultural Affairs
Assistant Director for Special Academics Programs



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