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Cellular Structure and Function,MSBS 5065S


Course Director:   Dr. Joseph Kramer

Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Course Objectives:

This course presents the structure and function of the cells, tissues and organs of the body as revealed by light and electron microscopy.
Key concepts in cellular biology form the foundation for the students’ understanding of how cells can organize into tissues and tissues into organs. In addition to gaining an appreciation of normal histological structure, the students will be exposed to relevant histopathologies which are used to illustrate changes in normal architecture produced by diseases. In these cases, the cellular nature of the disease will be emphasized.
The lecture in the course will cover certain aspects of cell biology as they relate to cell, tissue and organ structure and function. The lecture will be augmented with handouts and computer aided instruction (histology image review).
At the conclusion of the course the students will have achieved a firm basis for their future exposure to physiology, microbiology, immunology and pathology.

Course Topics:

Overview of cell structure
Lab: cytology
Cell membranes and cell polarity
Receptors and cell signaling
Skeletal Muscle Histology
Smooth and cardiac Muscle Histology
Protein synthesis and secretion
Epithelial tissue Histology
Intercellular junctions Histology
Stem cells
Connective tissue Histology
Extracellular Matrix
Blood Histology and Hematopoiesis
Molecular motors
Bone Histology
Cartilage Histology
Peripheral nervous system Histology
Circulatory System Histology
GI tract Histology
Liver and Pancreas Histology
Cell growth, cell division and cell cycle
Immune and lymphoid system histology