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PhD Curriculum

Written Qualifying Exam

Following the completion of the first year courses, the Academic Standing Committee identifies student who have met the academic requirements for taking the Qualifying Examination.  Students who fail to achieve this level of academic standing are required to retake courses to remediate deficiencies.  This list of eligible candidates is provided to Dr. Madura, who directs the Qualifying examination.  Dr. Madura assembles a committee of five members from both UMDNJ and Rutgers to provide examination is five distinct areas of biological sciences.  Each examination takes 2 hours, and is completed over a 2-day period.  The exams are graded within a week, and the scores (Pass/Fail) is posted in the Department of Biochemistry.  Students who fail the exam are permitted one additional opportunity to take the exam the following year. 

This exam tests the student's ability to integrate the basic concepts and information learned in core courses and applies them to current problems in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Students who do not pass the Qualifying Exam in June will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and are typically offered one additional opportunity to take the examination the following year.  The committee may recommend additional remedial course work.  A second failure will result in dismissal from PhD candidacy.