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PhD Curriculum


  1. Incoming Program students will take the curriculum of the Molecular Biosciences for the first year.
  2. Students are required to do three laboratory rotations as part of their graduate education. The laboratory in which the student's research is to be done should generally be chosen at the end of the third rotation. Thesis research will begin at this time.
  3. The written qualifying exam will be given to all students entering through the Molecular Biosciences Program after the completion of the first year curriculum sometime in June.
  4. The curriculum for subsequent years is through the Molecular Genetics, Microbiology and Immunology program.
  5. The propositional/oral exam must be taken within 1 year of completing the first qualifying exam, and is intended to be a discussion of the student's proposed thesis research.
  6. A research advisory committee should be formed and meet annually to review the student's progress.
  7. Following the thesis defense, students will earn the PhD degree.