Independent Project

The Independent Project is a graduation requirement for all RWJMS students. It is an activity which leads to a scholarly product that is a contribution to one of the Medical School 's missions: Education, Research, Clinical Care, or Community Health.

View the Independent Project application. It is found under the "Other Programs" section in the Academic Management Platform (AMP).

The benefits of producing a scholarly project

  • You become an "expert" in something
  • You demonstrate your desire to learn
  • You enjoy the wonderful mentor-mentee relationship
  • You get to explore something that is not a part of the regular curriculum
  • You get to show an interest in a specialty area

Specific learning objectives

  • Chose a topic for independent study that meets the learner's interests
  • Think critically and reflectively
  • Interpret the literature
  • Produce a scholarly work - for students entering in 2015 and beyond the scholarly project will culminate in a manuscript draft suitable for submission to a journal.

Students who participate in and complete extensive experiences such as dual degrees and Distinction in Research, Education, Service to Community, Bioethics, Global Health, Biomedical Innovation and Leadership in Academic Healthcare will have fulfilled the requirements for the Independent Project. You will still need to file a report on-line.

The requirement of the Independent Project can be met at any point during the four years, although it is recommended that it be completed prior to October 1 of the senior year, so that the results can be included in the Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE). Click Here for a Power Point presentation of the Independent Project requirement.

You do not receive a diploma until the project is completed. Residency Director of program is notified that you have not met graduation requirements at time of Commencement.

For further information or assistance contact

Carol A. Terregino, M.D.

Phone: 732-235-5006