Pre-Clinical Years

Clinical experience is introduced early in the first year through the Patient Centered Medicine course. Measurable course objectives and benchmarks have been developed for students in Pre-Clerkship and Clerkship/Advanced phases of the curriculum. Clinical training is enhanced through the use of standardized patients, Objective Structured Clinical Exercises (OSCE), and individual observation and feedback by the more than 2,400 full time and volunteer faculty. All educational experiences undergo rigorous evaluation by students and faculty throughout the four years.

Academic Calendar Academic Calendar

→ Pre-Clinical, Non-Credit Electives

Year 1 and Year 2


Foundations of Medicine

Biomedical Science
Structure and Function

Maintaining Homeostasis

Cardiovascular Systems
Pulmonary and Renal Systems
Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
Digestive Systems, Nutrition and Metabolism

Mechanisms of Disease and Defense

Patient Centered Medicine I


Diseases and Therapeutics

Foundations of Diagnostic and Therapeutics
Neuron, Brain and Behavior
Cardiovascular Diseases
Pulmonary Diseases
Renal Medicine - Hematology

Diseases and Therapeutics 2

Endocrine and Reproduction Disease
GI, Liver and Biliary Tract Diseases
Muskoskeletal and Skin Diseases