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The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences New Brunswick/Piscataway offers interdisciplinary PhD training in specialties including Biochemistry, Pharmacology (including a Cancer Biology Concenration), Physiology, Environmental Exposure, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Biomedical Engineering, Toxicology,and Neuroscience.  These graduate training programs are offered jointly with the Graduate School New Brunswick on our Piscataway and New Brunswick campuses.

In addition, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences offers a Masters in Clinical and Translational Sciences, a Masters in Biomedical Science and an MS in Biomedical Sciences. 



Congratulations to the Winners of the Joint Molecular Biosciences

Graduate Student Association Annual Symposium


Oral Presentation:
Winner: Diego Marin
First Runner-up: Namit Kumar
Second Runner-up: Victoria DiBona

Poster Presentation:
Winner: Zuleay Rosario-Cruz
First Runner-up: Eva Rubio-Marrero
First Runner-up Jiaqi Zhou
Second Runner-up: Alexandra Nguyen










Sandra Gensini, from the Master of Clinical and Translational Science Program, received a travel award from the GSBS to present her work at the 11th Annual Academic Surgical Congress held in Jacksonville on Feb 2016. Her platform presentation was entitled “Outcomes of Hybrid versus open surgery for aortic arch disease in the Medicare population”





LABTV Profiles Lab Researchers


Blessy George, Heather McGowan, Xia Wen and Appoorva Halikere PhD Students studying at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, have been featured by LabTV’s “The Human Faces of Medical Research” podcast series.


LabTV is working to inspire the next generation of great young scientists by featuring the personal stories of young medical researchers in NIH-funded laboratories.


Please click on individual profiles for video.






USAID Experience


Two of our master’s students, Alex Kenefake and Ashley Millette, spent three months in Indonesia as USAID fellows last summer. Read what they had to say about this extraordinary experience. We encourage the incoming MBS class to consider applying for the prestigious USAID fellowship for an all paid summer research experience in Indonesia.


Alex Kenefake                                                                 Ashley Millette

GSBS  MBS                                                                        GSBS MBS


Click here to read all about Alex's Experience!                Click here to read all about Ashley's Experience!



Read about IMSD graduate student Eileen Oni and her experiences in the iJOBS program here



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Recent News

  • Publications:


    Aaron Carlson is first author on a paper in Nature communications, March 2016. “Generation and transplantation of reprogrammed human neurons in the brain using 3D microtopographic scaffolds.”

    Rui Ding is first author on a paper in Autophagy, March 2016.  “A role for ABCG2 beyond drug transport: regulation of autophagy.”

  • Grants

    Congratulations Vince Mirabella for his NIH F30 award "Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress as a Novel Mechanism of Synaptic Dysfunction in Autism Associated NLGN3 R451C Human Neurons" in February 2016.

    Olufunmilola (Funmi) Ibironke received a United States Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowship for Graduate Environmental Study entitled "Air Pollution Particulate Matter Effects on Adaptive Human Antimycobacterial Immunity" in February 2016.

    Congratulations Jeremy Tang for receiving a NJCCR pre-doctoral fellowship entitled "TRIM33's Role in DNA Repair and Endogenous Retrotransposon Suppression" in January 2016. 

  • Awards and Positions

    Almin Lalani has an internship at Novartis for the summer of 2016.

    Fei Wang
    has an internship at Tesla Motors, Inc doing data science for the summer of 2016.

    Yuan Liu
    has an internship at Genentech for the summer of 2016.

    Ina Nikolaeva
    got a job at Nucleus Global in March 2016.

    The 2015-16 winners of the Aaron Shatkin Graduate Scholarshi:
    Swapnil Devarkar -
    PhD student in the laby of Smita Patel
    Heather McGowan-
    MD/PhD student in the lab of Zhiping Pang
    Katherine Morgan -
    MD/PhD student in the lab of Sharon Pine. Congratulations! The Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Summer Research Fellowship Program was awarded another R25 grant from the NIH in November 2015.

    Kristina Hernandez
    got a job at MediTech Media which is a part of Nucleus Global in November 2015.

    Winder Perez got a job at Stryker Corp as an Assistant Microbiologist in November 2015

    The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (PI Millonig) and Rutgers School of Engineering (PI Yarmush) are excited to announce that we have been awarded a 5 year NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) grant.  Click here to read press release. Click here to learn more about iJOBS that launched in January 2015.

  • PhD Alumni News:
    Recent Graduates
    Andrea Gray, FDA in the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.
    Shanique Edwards, PhD,
    Draw it to Know it Creative LLC.
    William Schneider
    , PhD, postdoc at Rockefeller
    Eric Joyce, PhD, postdoc at Harvard
    Arjun Sasikumar, PhD, postdoc at UC Berkeley
    Leia Miller, PhD, postdoc at the NIH
  • Alumni Data from exit survey (first position after graduate)
  • 68% postdoc, 17% research position in pharma/biotech, 9% research-related career (e.g. consulting, science writing, patent law, non-profit), 4% faculty/government position
  • Alumni Data from LinkedIn (current position)
    41% research in pharma/biotech, 24% research-related careers (e.g. consulting, science writing, patent law, non-profit), 20% current postdocs, 15% academic faculty positions
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