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Housed in the School of Graduate Studies at Rutgers University, the Biomedical Sciences programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway offer interdisciplinary PhD training in specialties including Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Cell and Developmental Biology, Environmental Sciences Exposure Sciences, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Neuroscience, Pharmacology (with a Cancer Biology Concentration), Physiology, and ToxicologyOur MD/PhD program is an institutional partnership between Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Rutgers University New Brunswick campus and Princeton University.  In addition, we offer a Masters in Clinical and Translational Sciences, a Masters in Biomedical Science and an MS in Biomedical Sciences. 

The School of Graduate Studies provides personalized academic support for approximately 5,200 Rutgers students enrolled in more than 150 doctoral, master’s, and dual degree programs across New Brunswick/Piscataway and Newark. Collaborating with international partner institutions—from Brazil, Puerto Rico, France, and Croatia to China, Indonesia, and South Korea—and with over 25,000 alumni spread across the world, ours is a global commitment to advanced, cutting-edge research and scholarship. Our school ensures rigorous academic standards, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between graduate faculty and students, and oversees innovative professional development initiatives that prepare graduate students to succeed in both academic and non-academic careers.


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PhD Graduate Student Outcomes

  • Average time to degree for biomedical PhD students at Rutgers: 5.7 years
  • Average number of publications for biomedical PhD students at Rutgers: 1.4 first-author, 3 papers total
  • Alumni Data from exit survey (first position after graduate)
    68% postdoc, 17% research position in pharma/biotech, 9% research-related career (e.g. consulting, science writing, patent law, non-profit), 4% faculty/government position
  • Alumni Data from LinkedIn (current position)
    41% research in pharma/biotech, 24% research-related careers (e.g. consulting, science writing, patent law, non-profit), 20% current postdocs, 15% academic faculty positions

Competencies taught Rutgers Biomedical Sciences PhD programs and how they are obtained

 - Broad conceptual knowledge  - core courses

 - Deep knowledge of a specific field - upper level courses, thesis work, and journal clubs
 - Critical thinking - reading papers, planning experiments, reviewing grants and manuscripts
 - Experimental skills - rotations and thesis lab, collaborations
 - Responsible conduct of research – Ethical Scientific Conduct initial and refresher
 - Rigor and reproducibility - biostatistics classes
 - Computational skills - computer programming class
 - Collaboration/Teamwork – working with other labs and within lab, student organizations
 - Management and emotional intelligence skills - manage your own project, supervise undergraduates, interact with faculty and peers
 - Leadership and professionalism – iJOBS, join student organizations, volunteer for events

 - Communication skills - presentations in lab, university, and national meetings, writing manuscripts and fellowships, Communicating Science class


Material from Grant and Fellowship Application Workshop Sept 11, 2019

         List of biomedical grants from GradFund

         GradFund presentation slides

         Slides regarding review process for F31 Fellowships


Congratulations to the Aaron Shatkin Scholarship winners for 2019

         Vrushank Bhatt - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics program in the lab of Jessie Guo
Alejandra S. Laureano - Cell and Developmental Biology program in the lab of Kelvin Kwan
Valdir Barth - Microbiology and Molecular Genetics program in the lab of Nancy Woychik
Kelvin Kwan - Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Jim Millonig - Senior Associate Dean of School of Graduate Studies



Slides for Orientation for PhD and MS students 2019

Overview slides about Biomedical Graduate School

Library slides

Scientific research integrity slides

Career Services slides
Mental Health Services slides

Graduate Student Organization slides


Welcome to the PhD and MS entering class of 2019



Grant writing workshop May 2019

       To see the slides, click here


MD/PhD Student Receives Fulbright Grant

Anna Giarratana, an MD/PhD candidate who in May received her PhD in neuroscience, was awarded a fulbright grant for Interdisciplinary Studies in Switzerland. She plans to use her Fulbright grant for a year of post-doctoral research at the University of Zurich.


Specifically, she will be working with Phillipe Tobler, PhD, associate professor of neuroeconomics and social economics at the Zurich Center for Neuroeconomics, using state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques and neuroeconomic methods to investigate human decision-making in disease states. She plans to investigate the brain functioning of healthy individuals who have schizotypal personality traits, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in conjunction with sensorimotor and reward-adaptation tasks. The research is designed to help advance understanding of the spectrum of mental illness and help pinpoint the regions of the brain responsible for deficits, as well as identify novel therapeutic targets.



Congratulations to all of our graduates, especially Urmimala Basu for winning the Stanley S. Bergen Medal of Excellence.


Congratulations to the Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Organization Annual Symposium 2019 winners

Poster presentations: 1st: Brandon Schweibenz, 2nd: Jeffrey Yang, 3rd: Jennifer Schaefer

Oral presentations: 1st: Juliet Gardiner, 2nd: Agata Krzyzanowska, 3rd: Lauren Chukrallah


Congratulations to the iJOBS Phase 3 trainees who received their certification of completion in Oct 2018

Maram Alapa, Kalyan Chavda, Daniela Garcia, Anna Giarratana, Ekta Kumari, Lorenz Loyola, NIsha Mittal, Huri

Mucahit, AMinat Musah, Michele Patrizii, Irene Raitman Khutorskoy, Tracy Scott, Srilatha Simhardi, AblaTannous,

Melody Wren



How to Peer Review a Scientific Paper Oct 23, 2017

Slides from presentation



Learn why Science Matters at Rutgers University from some of our very own graduate students!  Click on the image below to watch the video





Announcing the 2016-2017 Keeler Scholarship Award


The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at New Brunswick/Piscataway is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2016-2017 Keeler Scholarship.  This year’s award winners, Maria Isaac, Phillip Sgobba and April De Stefano will be completing a Master of Science in Biomedical Science degree.  We congratulate our students and express our warmest gratitude to the Keeler family, who made this generous scholarship possible.  



Read about MD/PhD Student Grace Ibitamuno Obienu who juggles 3 passions:medicine, community health and writing fiction. 
Click here to learn more about Grace




Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) Pipeline Program renewed!
Congratulations to Jerry Langer, PhD and Beatrice Haimovich, PhD on the renewal of a 5 year $2,365,247 grant from the NIH to enhance the training of under-represented minority students, and increase the number of Rutgers undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds who continue into careers in biomedical research and who will eventually assume leadership roles in the field.  To learn more about the program, click here.


USAID Experience


Two of our master’s students, Alex Kenefake and Ashley Millette, spent three months in Indonesia as USAID fellows last summer. Read what they had to say about this extraordinary experience. We encourage the incoming MBS class to consider applying for the prestigious USAID fellowship for an all paid summer research experience in Indonesia.


Alex Kenefake                                                                 Ashley Millette

GSBS  MBS                                                                        GSBS MBS


Click here to read all about Alex's Experience!                Click here to read all about Ashley's Experience!




Upcoming Events

  • For all events including career training and iJOBS activities as well as seminars and thesis defenses please visit our Google calendar and share it with your personal calendar.
  • For some upcoming seminars on campus, click here.

Recent News

  • Publications:


    Valentina Dal Pozzo is first author on a paper in Biomolecules, June 2020. “Reduced Reelin Expression in the Hippocampus After Traumatic Brain Injury.”

    Smrithi Prem is first author on a paper in Advances in Neurobiology, June 2020. “Dysregulation of Neurite Outgrowth and Cell Migration in Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.”

    Luka Turkalj is first author on a paper in Advances in Neruobiology, June 2020. “Using iPSC-Based Models to Understand the Signaling and Cellular Phenotypes in Idiopathic Autism and 16p11.2 Derived Neurons.”

  • Grants and Fellowships

    Sierra Swords was awarded a national Institues of Health pre-doctoral fellowship "The Role of RME-8 in Neuronal Health and Parkinson's Disease".

    Mai-uyen Nguyen
    was awarded a National Institutes of Health pre-doctoral fellowship “
    Functions of KAT2A and KAT2B in in intestinal homeostasis and colon cancer” in June 2020.

    Kristine Conde was awarded a University and Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowship  "17b-estradiol enhances KNDy neuronal sensitivity to ghrelin to alter reproduction, energy balance and thermoregulation in females” in March 2020.

    Christen Khella
    was awarded NJ Commission on Cancer Research pre-doctoral fellowship " HCK is a novel oncogenic driver of tumorigenesis in poor prognostic high-grade serous" January 2020.

    Victor Tan was awarded NJ Commission on Cancer Research pre-doctoral fellowship "Application of Rutgers CRISPR Base Editing Technology to Increase Bone Marrow Matching for Treatment of Leukemia" January 2020.

    Nisha Singh was awarded a State of New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research fellowship "Role of Guanine-Based Purines After SCI" in January 2020.

    Breann Coffaro
    was awarded the Air Pollution Educational and Research Grant  "Ozone Reactions with Squalene: Particle Formation and Chemical Identification” in September 2019

    Nofar Engelhard was awarded a State of New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research fellowship "Characterizing a novel spinal cord population: role in both locomotive control and recovery from spinal cord injury" in May 2019.

    Valdir Cristovao Barth Junior
    was awarded a University and Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowship  "Reprogramming of Mycobacterium tuberculosis physiology through toxin-mediated ribosome stalling" in April 2019.

    Anton Omelchenko
    was awarded a New Jersey Commission on Brain Injury Research Predoctoral Fellowship “Exosome-based Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics to Target Traumatic Brain Injury” in April 2019.

    Anna Giarratana
    has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Fellowship to study in Switzerland for one year in March 2019

  • Awards and Internships

    Jenna Newman received the Victor Stollar Fellowship in 2019.

    Erika Davidoff
    , Biomedical Engineering won second place in the 3 Minute Thesis competition at Rutgers in March 2019.

    Praveen Bommrareddy
    did an internship at Regeneron in the summer of 2018

    Victor Tan did an internship at Celgene in the summer of 2018.

    Jenna Newman did an internship at Cellularity in the summer of 2018.

    Liam Turk did an internship at Aleon Pharma in the summer of 2018.

    Larry Cheng
    did an internship at Defined Health in the summer of 2018.

    Caroline Pantazis has been awarded an Eagleton Institute of Politics Fellowship in May 2018 and was also selected to participate in AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering in Febrauary 2018.

    PhD Alumni News:
    Some recent PhD graduates
    Yuanwang Pang is a postdoc at NYU.
    Aliza Rubenstein is a postdoc at Mt. Sinai
    Almin Lalani is a postdoc at the National Cancer Institute.
    Anna Hader is a postdoc at Johnson & Johnson.
    Dharm Patel
    is a project manager in Scientific Affairs at Leo Pharmaceuticals.
    Chenchao Gao is a Clinical Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Seattle Genetics.
    Alexandra Walczak
    is the Supervisory Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Rutgers Divison of Life Sciences.
    Lisheng Zhou is a Bioinformaticist II iCarbonX
    Eva Nelly Rubio
    is at Celgene as Scientist I.
    Serom Lee
    is an Associate Consultant at Defined Health, a Cello Health business.
    Myka Ababaon
    has a job at Caudex as a Trainee Medical Writer.
    Kathryn Drzewiecki is a project manager at Early Charm Ventures.
    Jon Brzezinksi is working at Tiberend Strategic Advisors as an Account Executive.
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