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Regenerative Medicine, MSBS 5085S

Course Director:   Dr. Debu Banerjee

Dept. Of Pharmacology



Course Overview


Regenerative medicine is an emerging field in medicine that holds promise for replacement or regeneration of failing organs or tissues. It refers to a group of biomedical approaches to clinical therapies that may involve the use of stem cells. Examples include cellular therapies involving injection of stem cells or progenitor cells; regeneration using biologically active molecules administered alone or as secreted products by infused cells (immunomodulation therapy); and transplantation of in vitro grown organs and tissues (Tissue engineering). Given the wide range of stem cell expertise on campus and its emerging importance in the field of medical practice this elective will be a timely addition to the list of elective courses available to the MBS students in the Fall semester. This 2 credit elective course will expose students to various important aspects of this field from basic science to current clinical trials in the broad area of regenerative medicine. This course will provide an elective choice for students interested in basic science aspects of molecular and translational medicine in addition to the electives offered in the Fall (Humanism in Medicine and Global Health).


Topics to be covered include:

1. Current perspectives in Regenerative Medicine/Introduction

2. Diseases impacted by Regenerative Medicine /Replacement Therapy

3. Cellular Aspects of Regenerative Medicine. Concept of Stem Cells

4. Adult Stem Cells

5. Embryonic Stem Cells

6. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

7. Hematopoietic Stem Cells

8. Clinical applications


In class lectures will be followed by student presentations of papers assigned by lecturer or course director. Students will be graded based on exams and in class presentations


Class presentations: 40%; Final Exam: 60%


Grading policy of SGS at RWJMS will be followed: A, B+, B, C+, C and F.


Course Director:

Debu Banerjee



 Course Schedule 2016

Faculty Topic Time Day/Date
Banerjee Introduction to Regen Medicine:   9/11/18
Banerjee Stem Cells:   9/18/2018  
Banerjee               Mesenchymal Stem Cells:   9/25/2018 
Assigned Paper discussion*   10/2/2018  
Lu            Induced pluripotent stem cells:   10/9/2018 
Assigned Paper discussion*   10/16/2018
Rameshwar Hematopoietic Stem cells:   10/23/2018  
Assigned Paper discussion:*   10/30/2018 
Banerjee Clinical gene therapy:   11/6/2018   
Banerjee Insertional mutagenesis:   11/13/2018 
Banerjee Retroviral vector development for Gene therapy:   11/20/2018


Team Based Learning WAS/gene therapy*   11/27/2018 


Team Based Learning WAS/gene therapy*   12/4/2018  
Students Team Based Learning WAS/gene therapy*   12/11/2018
  Final Exam**   12/18/2018 



 RED*:   students will be assessed in class based on presentation and participation   40% percent of final grade

Final Exam**: will count for 60% of final grade


Classes will be held in room V12A



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