PhD Curriculum


A collaborative and meaningful advisor-student relationship is integral to the successful training of students in this program. Incoming students must select 2-3 laboratory rotations during the first year. Students are expected to have chosen a provisional dissertation advisor by the end of their first year's study. If a student has a clear preference for a specific research area or faculty advisor, he or she may arrange to begin work with his or her chosen advisor immediately.

Arranging Rotations:
Selection of rotations will be further facilitated by John Pintar, Program Director, and Joan Mordes, Program Assistant, in conjunction with the students.  An annual program orientation is held to introduce new students to faculty with openings for rotating students.

Rotation Reports Required:
A one page summary of the work done in each rotation is to be prepared and submitted to Joan Mordes, Program Assistant. This summary should include the name of the lab, the dates of the rotation, the objectives of the work, the nature of the student's participation, and the results.  Faculty mentors are also asked to submit a short summary evaluation in order to provide the student’s final research grade for the particular semester.

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