PhD Curriculum

Thesis Defense

When the student's research has achieved the goals agreed upon by the committee and his or her advisor, a dissertation describing the results of the work is to be written according to the guidelines established described in the Graduate Student handbook for SGS New Brunswick/Piscataway students, distributed to the committee for their evaluation, and presented in a lecture open to the public. The student is required to provide the written thesis proposal to all committee members no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled Thesis Defense.

Following the public discussion, the committee may examine the student on issues related to the research in closed session. Formal acceptance of the dissertation requires approval of a majority of the members of the committee. If such approval is not obtained, revisions to the dissertation, or additional research may be required before the degree is granted.  For SGS -New Brunswick/Piscataway students, a Report of Final Examination/Dissertation Defense must be submitted.

School of Graduate Studies enrolled students are to complete the Admission to Candidacy Form that is obtained from the packet of online forms. They should attend workshops beforehand on writing the dissertation that also provide guidelines established for students in joint programs. Visit Graduate School New Brunswick website for more information.


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