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Educational Curriculum

All rotations provide formal instruction and supervised clinical experience.

Rotations include:

  1. inpatient renal consultation service at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) where the fellows are provided opportunities to acquire expertise in the prevention, evaluation and management of a variety of nephrologic disorders in all stages of illness in an acute care inpatient setting;
  2. outpatient dialysis center, giving the fellows opportunities to acquire expertise in the management of patients with end-stage renal disease receiving chronic peritoneal or hemodialysis in an ambulatory setting;
  3. ambulatory nephrology, the goal of which is to provide fellows with opportunities to acquire expertise in the prevention, evaluation and management of ambulatory patients with a variety of nephrologic disorders, with the assigned rotations being ambulatory care sites in pediatrics, hypertension, renal transplantation and peritoneal dialysis;
  4. pediatric nephrology service at RWJUH, which exposes the fellows to a variety of nephrologic disorders manifested by the pediatric population in the inpatient and ambulatory settings;
  5. transplantation service at RWJUH where fellows will acquire expertise in
    • evaluation and selection of transplant candidates;
    • preoperative evaluation and preparation of transplant recipients and donors;
    • immediate postoperative management of transplant recipients, including administration of immunosuppressants;
    • clinical diagnosis of all forms of rejection, including laboratory, histopathologic, imaging techniques and percutaneous biopsy of the transplanted kidney;
    • medical management of rejection;
    • recognition and medical management of surgical and nonsurgical complications of renal transplantation;
    • follow-up and management of transplant recipients in the ambulatory setting; and
    • psychosocial and ethical issues of renal transplantation; and
  6. the nephrology continuity clinic where fellows perform consultative and continuing management of patients with all stages of chronic kidney disease and a variety of other nephrologic disorders in an ambulatory setting.