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RWJMS Mobility Overview

The use of mobile technologies continues to be an important component of the strategic direction of RWJMS. Over the past few years, technology has had an increasingly important impact on the strategic competiveness of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. More recently, technologies of interest have revolved around the concept of mobility. In the fall of 2009, RWJMS redefined the medical education landscape by being the first medical school to make use of mobile technologies mandatory for incoming students. In the fall of 2010, our technology was complemented by new video lecture services that allow first and second year medical school students the ability to view any recorded lecture almost anywhere at any time.

Additionally, in the fall of 2010, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School – Office of Information Technology (OIT) teamed up with the Robert Wood Johnson Medical Group (RWJMG) to take the lead in clinical medical mobility technology. Select faculty received iPhones to enhance communication, access critical information, optimize patient outcomes, and help develop new competitive strategies. We believe that creative connections, by our faculty, are more likely to occur with mobile access to data.

Finally, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - Office of Information Technology continues to develop exciting new technologies and applications available on mobile devices. Along with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, OIT has expanded it’s mobility initiative to also include the iPad as an innovative, powerful device to create compelling solutions for teaching and learning. Mobility in the healthcare industry now offers the ability to access information from anywhere which offers improved efficiency. We hope you will welcome and embrace these new additions to medical education and clinical activity.

Today we are pleased to offer our first year medical school students iPads to enrich their medical school experience.