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Tools and Applications

Integrating mobile technologies is part of the Education mission. A combination of current available technologies as well as those created and being developed by RWJMS will be incorporated.

RWJMS Supported Mobile Technologies

iTunes with RWJMS iTunes U

An easy way to download and view video, audio, and PDF content including RWJMS archived academic lecture materials. RWJMS content is uploaded to RWJMS iTunes U and can be downloaded through iTunes on any PC or Mac. Content can then be synced between iTunes and the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Rutgers E-mail

The iPad makes e-mail configuration easy through the integrated e-mail clients for Microsoft Exchange, AOL, Google Gmail, and for virtual POP or IMAP e-mail accounts. OIT will initially configure your Exchange email accounts and maintain support should you have any issues with it throughout the school year.

Academic Management Platform (AMP)

Online application, tailor made for RWJMS students and the curriculum. The AMP system features a user-friendly interface and serves as a centralized location for course information. It intuitively combines required readings, recordings of lectures, and presentation slides in a self-contained interface that is easily accessed from a computer, iPad.

Provides access to course syllabus, school wide directories, manuals and guides, and performance tracking through resources such as:

  • Library
  • Media
  • iTunes U
  • Schedules


ResponseWare by Turning Technologies is a software system that allows presenters and instructors to present questions and allows participants to submit a response using Clicker, an iPod Touch, or iPhone.

When the instructor presents an interactive polling slide via a PowerPoint presentation, students press a number on the Clicker, iPod Touch, or iPhone that corresponds to the answer of their choice. The device immediately sends either an infrared or radio signal to the wireless receiver attached to the computer running the PowerPoint presentation. The software will then display the audience responses.

  • Click Here to download the ResponseWare application. On the device you could also click on the App Store button, and click on serarch from the menu toolbar. Type responseware as your search criteria.


The streamlined version of the Clerkship Activity Tracking System (CATS), allows students to enter patient encounters while on the go.