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Health Group (RHG)
, the
integrated faculty group practice of
Rutgers Univer-
, was formally incorporated and inaugurated in
October 2016. RHG unites the clinical skills and tal-
ents of approximately 1,000 clinical faculty from the
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Jersey Medical School
Rutgers Cancer Institute
of New Jersey
University Behavioral Health
Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
, and
School of Nursing
. The faculty practice name,
Rutgers Health Group, will be used for internal pur-
poses only, with all patient care provided by the group
delivered under the brand name Rutgers Health.
Since its inception, Rutgers Health leadership has
been actively working, with the assistance of national
consultants, to implement its representative gover-
nance structure, further develop a practice manage-
ment infrastructure to support innovation and quality
initiatives, strengthen our relationships with hospital
partners and clinical affiliates, and optimize managed
care agreements across the clinical enterprise.
In addition to the initial 15 members of the RHG
Board of Trustees, five clinical department chairs have
joined the Board. The clinical department chairs from
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School are:
Leonard Lee, MD
, Interim Chair of the
Department of Surgery
Alfred Tallia, MD, MPH
, Chair of the Depart-
ment of Family Medicine and Community Health
In the near future, a nomination and appointment
process will be announced to name the final nine
trustees from our clinical faculty at large.
Rutgers Health celebrations were held in New
Brunswick and Newark May 1 and 2, respectively. This
was the first step in what will grow to be a statewide
marketing and communications campaign to promote
Rutgers Health, the public facing brand, which will ul-
timately reach the community throughout New Jersey
and the broader region. It also signifies our continued
development of a truly integrated, interprofessional
faculty group practice plan that will anchor a top-tier
academic health center in collaboration with our affil-
iated hospitals and community partners.
-- Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH
From the
Patients First!
Access and Safety
Initiatives Move Forward
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report an unexpected event that may have
affected the safety of a patient or visitor.
The staff member may complete and submit
the report either anonymously or by
including his or her name, which allows for
better follow up. A sample form provides
examples of events, including errors in
medication administration, falls, injury, or
"near misses."
"We have already received several reports
and continue to educate staff about PEERS
and encourage them to use the system to
report patient safety issues," says
Vicki Craig,
assistant professor of
pediatrics and medical
director of patient safety
and quality. "Having a
reliable and easy-to-use
online reporting method
to track potential safety-related events will
allow timely identification of problems and
robust process improvement."
Patient access also advanced with an up-
grade to the patient portal, RWJMedConnect.
Launched in mid-April, the secure website
allows patients to see their charts, review
notes on past visits, update their information,
and complete forms online. With the next step,
patients will be able to schedule their own
appointments, an innovation that will start
with primary care practices. In addition,
patients can use the portal to send messages
to their physicians to ask questions about
medications, for example, or refill prescriptions.
A triage nurse sees the message first and
discusses it with the physician, streamlining
the process.
Vicki Craig, MD,
Steve Hockstein
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Rutgers Health
awardees with Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and
medical school leadership:
Elizabeth Lejeune
(fourth from
Dr. Vicki Craig
(sixth from left),
Dr. Vicente Gracias
(eighth from left), Dean
Sherine E. Gabriel
(eighth from
right), Chancellor
Brian L. Strom, MPH
(seventh from right),
Dr. Joseph Barone
(sixth from right),
Dr. Robert Eisenstein
fourth from right), and
Dr. Adrian Balica
(far right).
Rutgers Health
Planned Work
in the Atrium
he Arline and Henry Schwartzman
(between MEB and Robert
Wood Johnson University Hospital) started
construction in the beginning of May. There
is a temporary surgical waiting room under
the overhang of MEB. Access to the current
surgical waiting area will be restricted, but
this temporary area will provide easy access
for surgeons to meet with families via the
Same Day Surgery area. This temporary
waiting area will be in place from May to
December 2017.