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Office of Community Health
, along
with the
Department of Family Medicine and
Community Health
, has released the Greater New
Brunswick Hotspotting Report, an analysis of the
geography and factors associated with high utilizers of
health services in the greater
New Brunswick community.
Many of the high utilizers--
patients who visited New
Brunswick emergency
rooms five or more times in
a two-year period or had
three or more hospital stays--are concentrated in
10 percent of the census blocks and eight buildings
and apartment complexes in New Brunswick and
neighboring Franklin Township, which are designated
The study, funded by The Nicholson Foundation,
was conducted along with the Camden Coalition of
Healthcare Providers, Robert Wood Johnson University
Hospital, and Saint Peter's University Hospital.
B. Pellerano, MA, MBA, MPH
, assistant professor;
Eric Jahn, MD
, professor and senior associate dean of
community health; and
Alfred F. Tallia, MD,
, professor and
chair--all of the Depart-
ment of Family Medicine
and Community Health and
the primary authors of the
report--indicated that this information is a critical first
step in determining how to improve care and lower costs
for some of the area's most in need residents. Working
with local health providers and partners, they hope
the report can be used to develop targeted programs
to keep the patients healthy and out of the hospital.
New Report Identifies Local
High-Utilizer Hotspots
Maria B. Pellerano,
Steve Hockstein
Alfred F. Tallia,
Congratulations to
Alfred F. Tallia,
, professor and chair of
family medicine and community health,
who received the Peter W. Rodino, Jr.,
Citizen's Award
from the Edward J. Ill
Excellence in Medicine Foundation.
The award is presented annually to an
individual who merits recognition for
distinguished service in advancing and
promoting the health and well-being of
the people of New Jersey.
Judith K. Amorosa, MD, FACR
, vice
chair for faculty
development and
medical education,
Department of
Radiology, partici-
pated in the Eighth
Annual Rutgers
Online Learning Conference held on
March 13. Dr. Amorosa presented
"New Medical School Hybrid Radiology
Course Using Online Learning
Management System: Radiology on
the Interview Trail." Her presentation
was an overview of her experience of
converting a conventional radiology
elective course into a hybrid course
utilizing an online learning manage-
ment system.
Judith K. Amorosa,
Steve Hockstein
ollowing a national search,
C. Maurice Snook,
, has been appointed chief financial officer of
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
. Snook
joined the school in April and reports to
Hecker, PhD
, executive vice dean.
A certified public accountant, Snook has
served as a consultant for personal income tax,
trust and estate planning, and related prepara-
tion of state and federal tax returns. He had
served as associate vice president for health
affairs and chief financial officer at the Univer-
sity of Louisville-Health Sciences Center from 2012 to
2014. In that capacity, Snook managed the financial and
administrative operation of the Health Sciences Center
and served as an advisor to the deans and institute
directors, evaluating and assisting with financial plan-
ning and policy development.
Prior to joining the University of Louisville, Snook
served on the staff of the Medical University of South
Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston for more than 30 years,
commencing as the associate dean for finance and ad-
ministration at the College of Medicine. During
his tenure at MUSC, Snook oversaw the design
and implementation of a campus financial sys-
tem, and assisted in the development of an in-
centive plan for academic achievement and with
the implementation of a culture-changing initia-
tive resulting in major gains in student, faculty,
employee, and patient satisfaction, while improving the
college's academic and financial performance during a
period of unprecedented state budget cuts.
Snook earned a bachelor's degree in accountancy
from the University of Illinois in Urbana and an MBA
from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Maurice Snook appointed Chief Financial Officer
Courtesy of Jaqeuline Kozloski
C. Maurice Snook,
Eric Jahn, MD
John Emerson
Kim Sokoloff