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Robert Wood Johnson
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Sandra Moss
was elected the
first woman president of the
American Osler Society, an organ-
ization for clinical historians, in
1 9 7 4
Joyce Fingeroth
is a professor
of medicine at the University of
Massachusetts Medical School.
Carole Sampson-Landers
is a member of the Board of
Trustees of Rutgers, The State
University of New Jersey.
1 9 7 6
Patricia Thomas
is vice dean
for medical education at Case
Western Reserve University
School of Medicine.
1 9 7 8
Alan Schwartzstein
appointed to the Wisconsin
Public Health Council by
Governor Scott Walker.
Michael Spedick
was elected
president of the New Jersey
Chapter of the American College
of Surgeons at its Annual Clinical
Symposium in December 2014.
1 9 8 0
Daniel Kim
was appointed
chair of the Department of
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck
Surgery at the University of
Massachusetts Medical School
and UMass Memorial Medical
Diane Walder
dermatology in Miami.
1 9 8 2
Catherine Bodnar
is president
of the Michigan Occupational and
Environmental Medicine
William Ciszewski
is an
attending orthopedic surgeon at
Unity Hospital in Rochester,
New York.
Rick Segal
writes: "Since
January 2014, I am physician
in charge at the North
Lancaster Medical Office of
Kaiser Permanente Northwest
(Oregon/Washington). I still run
half marathons and compete in
1 9 8 3
Tina Horling Cushing
named regional chief of nephrol-
ogy for the Southern California
Permanente Medical Group.
1 9 8 5
David Price
writes: "I recently
passed my 26th year with Kaiser
Permanente, in a number of roles,
including director of medical edu-
cation for Kaiser Permanente
Colorado (current position). Since
2007, I have been professor of
family medicine at the University
of Colorado School of Medicine.
I recently began a new position
as director of the multi-specialty
maintenance of certification port-
folio approval program with the
American Board of Medical
1 9 9 0
Eugenie Brunner
facial plastic and reconstructive
surgery and otolaryngology in
1 9 9 1
Lauri Goodell
was named in-
terim chair, Department of Path-
ology and Laboratory Medicine at
Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School, and chief, pathology ser-
vice at Robert Wood Johnson
University Hospital.
Sabine Hack
writes: "I'm still
raising four children, Aiden, Elodie,
Calliope, and Holden Reeves, in
South Orange. I am practicing
child and adolescent psychiatry in
midtown Manhattan."
1 9 9 2
Leonard Lee
, chief, division of
cardiothoracic surgery at Robert
Wood Johnson Medical School,
was appointed interim chair of
the Department of Surgery and
named James W. Mackenzie
Professor of Surgery.
Emmanuel Schenkman
practices urology at Crystal Run
Healthcare, serving Orange and
Sullivan counties in New York.
1 9 9 5
Raj Bendre
is a radiation
oncologist at the Tallahassee
Memorial Cancer Center.
Jeffrey Brenner
is medical
director, Urban Health Institute at
Cooper University Health Care,
and founder and executive
director, Camden Coalition of
Healthcare Providers. He was
recently elected to the Institute
of Medicine.
1 9 9 9
Kenneth Sable
writes: "After
spending 10 years at Maimonides
practicing emergency medicine,
then two years as the chief
operating officer at Saint Peter's
Healthcare System, I joined
Meridian Health in January as the
president of Jersey Shore
University Medical Center."
2 0 0 0
Fotios Tjoumakaris
is an
associate professor of orthopedic
surgery at Jefferson Medical
2 0 0 1
Shayma Kazmi
is a medical
oncologist and hematologist-
oncologist at Cancer Treatment
Centers of America in
Jay Kenkare
joined the Sleep
Medicine Program at Connecticut
Children's Medical Center.
Rachel Sargent
"After six years as an assistant
professor in the Department of
Hematopathology at University
of Texas MD Anderson Cancer
Center, I am now an assistant
professor in the Department of
Pathology and Laboratory
Medicine, division of hemato-
pathology, at the Hospital of the
University of Pennsylvania."
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