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RWJMS supports two email platforms exchange and Sun Polaris. To Migrate from Polaris to Exchange you would need to contact the service help desk at 732-743-3200 or click here to create a heat ticket. An OIT technician will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Please include your current platform with your request, If you’re not sure what email platform you currently have follow the steps below to identify your email platform.

Outlook 2007
  • Open Outlook
  • Go to Tools – Account Settings
  • Email Tab it displays type
Outlook 2010
  • Open Outlook
  • Go to File – Account Settings –Account Settings
  • Email Tab, it displays type
For More Help with Outlook Click Here

Microsoft Exchange Server

If you are a full-time faculty or staff member, you will use Outlook as your primary email client. The Exchange server stores all of a user's email, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. in one place so that these things are easily accessible from anywhere.

Outlook runs on your machine, but the information is stored on the Exchange server, so even if you go home and check your email, all of your Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks will all be accessible. Exchange provides a archive policy which is passed down to your desktop via group policy. All emails are archived and store locally on the computer every 30 days.

  • Shared Exchanged Calendars: Both parties must have an exchange account to share calendars.
  • Via Outlook Client: Full-time faculty and staff will use Outlook from their office PC's to connect to our Exchange server. This connection should be automatic as long as you are logged into RWJMS network.
  • Access via the web: Click on or access email via the portal When accessing mail from the portal select the mail tab on the upper right hand side.

List Serves

To request assistance with list serves click on the auto-ticket generator with the pertaining information to your request.

To create a new list server provide name for the list serve, members that should be included. Identify who will be the owner.

For existing list serves, specify the list serve and who will need access.

Once the listserv is created, the client will receive an email with instructions on how to access the listserv from the website.

As part of the Rutgers/UMDNJ integration, all legacy UMDNJ listserv lists will be migrated to Mailman, the mailing list system utilized at Rutgers.  Planning for the migration is ongoing with an expected migration date of April 15th, 2014.  Once planning has been solidified, all list owners will be notified with the planned migration date. 

During the migration, modifications to the existing lists must be made to avoid duplication and to follow existing Mailman list naming conventions. 

  1. All legacy UMDNJ lists will be renamed by adding “RBHS_” to the beginning of the list name and will also have a new email domain.

    Old List -
    New List -

  2. Any legacy UMDNJ list names containing non-conventional characters will be replaced with underscores to conform to the new naming conventions.

    Old List -
    New List -

To assist with the familiarization of the Mailman mailing list system, training will be made available to list owners that would like to participate with sessions being held in Newark and Piscataway. Additional information will be provided regarding dates, times and locations.

More information and frequently asked questions can be found at:

An entry level tutorial for owners and moderators of Rutgers Mailman mailing lists is located:

If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the migration, please contact the Service Center at 732-743-3200.

Large File Transfer Service - LIFT

Central IST has implemented an appliance, operating outside of Rutgers' email environment to support the transfer of large files (over 10MB), between University faculty and staff and their collaborators both internally and external to the Rutgers-RBHS environment. The appliance is Web-based, requires minimal administrative support, and is designed to integrate seamlessly to the university authentication infrastructure.

Click Here to access the LiFT Web site. Login using your email address (user and email password.


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