Mobile Devices

Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Air Cards, cell phones (voice only), and pagers may be issue to employees. Employees must meet defined criteria before they can be issued a mobile communication device. All requests for mobile communication devices and services must be made to RWJMS-OIT and require appropriate management and budget approvals.

Mobile Devices & Service Plans

The University supports

  • iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s through AT&T
  • Blackberry Bold 9330, BlackBerry Q10 through Verizon Wireless.
  • iPad support through both Verizon or AT&T

To order a mobile device, please complete one of the attached forms. All forms must have department and budget approval. A calling plan must be selected from the following options

All plans include Unlimited Data and Mobile-to-Mobile minutes
  • 300 Min = $48.75 / month
  • 400 min = $49.61 /month
  • 600 min = $61.43/month
  • 1000 min = $73.13/month
Unlimited Data Plan of $40/month, Voice Plans:
  • 450 min = $30/month
  • 600 min = $43/month
  • 1000 min = $53/month

Request for a Mobile Device

To request a device, use the applicable request form. Follow the directions as specified. All mobile device requests must specify a valid billing index number.

Complete the Cellular Phone and Accessory Request Form Download form
and Email it to Reginald McGriff -

Number Transfer
If approved by the department, a personal mobile number can be transferred to a university device. To process the transfer please complete the following:

For Verizon customers, please complete the transfer form Facilitate this informaiton online.

For AT&T customers, please send an email to (Have an additional button on the site that will provide the information to be send to with the following info:
Current user name on account Current AT&T personal account number Current AT&T personal phone number

Once the form has been filled out and submitted, please call ATT Care (1-800-331-0500) to have your account noted. Authorizing your number to be transferred to Rutgers billing responsibility. You will need to change the billing plan on the personal account if you are on a family/share plan.

Lost or Stolen
If your device is lost, stolen or broken contact
Keith Wheeler 732-235-6614

Please include your budget officer and department head.
If your budget officer and department head are not included on the request, it cannot be processed.

Click on the links below to get additional Information on International rates.
ATT Wireless

Verizon Wireless
Please note: you will receive a confirmation email one day prior to your departure date stating the plans were added to your mobile device.

Mobile Security

The University has implemented securing all University smartphones, using password-protection and encryption. Users will now have to enter a 6-digit password to use their smartphones. If a user loses a smartphone another person cannot access it. Additionally, because the device is encrypted its content is not readable when tethered to a computer by an unauthorized party.

Mobility Policies and Forms

  • Download iPhone order form (PDF).
  • This form will allow you to transfer billing responsibility for a Verizon Wireless mobile telephone number currently held by you to your employer (RBHS).
    Download Personal To Corporate Form (Word Document)
  • This form will allow you to transfer billing responsibility for a Verizon Wireless mobile telephone number currently held by your employer (RBHS) to you.
    Download Corporate to Personal Form (Word Document)


Mobile Terminology

  • Air Card®
    An Air Card is a device for a laptop, PDA or cell phone that allows the user to connect to wide area wireless Internet access and may be used in conjunction with a variety of cell phones, laptops or smartphones.
  • Mobile Communication Device
    Any cellular phone, pager, personal digital assistant (PDA) or 
wireless device that is either owned by RWJMS or by an individual conducting University business.
  • Official University Business
    Includes all business travel, including attendance at meetings and any other gatherings that have been approved by the appropriate authority.
  • Smartphone
    A cellular telephone with built-in applications and Internet access. Smartphones provide digital voice service as well as text messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, still and video cameras, MP3 player and video and TV viewing. In addition to their built-in functions, smartphones can run applications.
  • Tablet PCs
    Mobile communication devices such as Touchpads and iPads.

RWJMG Faculty / Patient Keeper Users

If you are part of the RWJ Medical Group and use the Patient Keeper application on the iPhone for patient billing, you are eligible to receive an iPhone from the Medical Group.

Contact Calisha Brown at for further instructions.


Employee is on‐call outside of normal work hours. (Departments may consider consolidating to one or possibly a few University-owned pagers to be shared among department employees when they are on-call outside normal work hours.)

To obtain a pager complete the Pager Request Form and return to Reginald McGriff - Click Here to Download Form

For lost, stolen or broken pagers

  • Contact your department administrator to obtain a replacement device.
  • Lost equipment fee = $40


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