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Our entire faculty is actively involved in teaching medical students, pediatric and neurology residents, and neurodevelopmental and psychiatry fellows about patients with neurological disorders.


Recommended Readings:


Seizure Semiology: Value in identifying seizure origin. Jan, M. et al, Can. J. Neurol. Sci. 2008; 35: 22-30.


Updated ILAE evidence review of antiepileptic drug efficacy and effectiveness as initial monotherapy for epileptic seizures and syndromes. Glauser, T, et al. Epilepsia, A special report, 1-13, 2013


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Movement Disorders I: Tics and Stereotypies, Zinner, S. et al. Pediatrics in Review 2010; 31; 233


Scheduled Conferences:


Event                                                   Time                                                  Location


Neurology Grand Rounds                    Wednesday at 12:30pm                      CAB 1302


Pediatric Grand Rounds                      Thursday at 8:00am                             CAB 1302


EEG Conference                                  Wednesday                                         EEG Reading Room BMSCH


Epilepsy Neurosurgical conference      1st Wednesday at 4:00pm                 EEG Reading Room BMSCH