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The large population of patients also serves as a basis for clinical research. Ongoing research involves a collaboration among various providers and coordinates care between basic science researchers and clinicians. Please inquire about any of the following studies:


Immunologic Regulatory Functions in Multiple Sclerosis, Vikram Bhise, M.D.


Incidence of Sleep Disorders in Children referred for Polysomnography, Vikram Bhise, M.D.


A two-year, double-blind, randomized, multicenter, active controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of fingolimod administered orally once daily versus interferon β-1a i.m. once weekly in pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis, Vikram Bhise, M.D. (Site PI)


New Jersey Autism Study


Predicting Lyme Meningitis in Children with Facial Nerve Palsy due to Lyme Disease, Jan Wollack, M.D. Ph.D., Vikram Bhise, M.D.


Risk of Epilepsy in Autistic Children with New Onset Seizures: a retrospective study, Jan Wollack, M.D. Ph.D., Vikram Bhise, M.D.


Specimen Bank for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and other Neuro-Immunological Disorders, Vikram Bhise, M.D.


Neurobiology of idiopathic autism: Cellular and molecular phenotypes of common CNV, 16p11.2, DiCicco-Bloom (PI); Millonig (Co-PI)


Metabolomic analysis of neural precursor cells derived from Autism iPSCs and their response to environmental stressors, DiCicco-Bloom (PI); Millonig (Co-PI)


The Generation and Characterization of Autism iPSCs, Millonig (PI); DiCicco-Bloom (co-PI)


Donations are welcomed and may be directed for specific purposes if you wish to support research

for any of the above projects or other fields in child neurology.


For more information, please call 732-235-7875