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Clinical Care Services

The Division of Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities provides services for children with a wide range of disorders of the nervous system. Common disorders include tics, headaches, seizures, epilepsy, concussion, abnormal head size, abnormal muscle tone, muscle disorders, multiple sclerosis, nerve injuries, cerebral palsy, neurogenetic conditions, spinal cord disorders, developmental delay and more.


The Division works closely with the RWJ Clinical Neurophysiology department, which has been recognized by the NAEC (National Association of Epilepsy Centers) as a level 4 Epilepsy Center. Level 4 Epilepsy Centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.


Services include:

Electroencephalography (EEG)

Inpatient Video EEG

Evoked potential (EP) testing

Ambulatory EEG Services

Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Studies (EMG/NCS)