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Sesame Street School-Based Resilience Project


The purpose of the Sesame Street Resilience Project: Building Resilience in the Classroom Study is to determine the effectiveness of the multimedia materials, Little Children, BIG Challenges: General Resilience.   The aims of the toolkit are to: (a) provide teachers with the resources that they need to help children cope with and understand challenging situations at an age-appropriate level, (b) help children to communicate and express their feelings around challenging issues, (c) help children learn a feelings vocabulary, (d) foster the development of children’s emotional competence in terms of their emotional understanding, emotional management and regulation, and interpersonal problem-solving skills. The multimedia materials foster four key protective factors that include circle of care, emotional understanding/knowledge, sense of self, and problem-solving skills. Participants in this project include approximately 825 children (ages 3-5), 825 parents, and 150 teachers from Head Start centers, state preschools, and military child development centers in San Diego, California. Participants are from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. School sites are randomly assigned to a 12-week intervention or control group. The project includes teacher training, fidelity checks, and direct assessment of children.