Pain Management

Discover how specialist and primary care collaboration in chronic pain management care can benefit you and your patients.

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Project ECHO offers practical, applicable solutions for you and your patients.

Each session is crafted to be reactive and responsive to the needs of our participants. Weekly one-hour sessions will feature a clinical pearl from one of our specialists and two case reviews from the network. Bottom line, everything is designed to be practical and applicable.


Your time is important. Your knowledge is critical.

ECHO is built from the beliefs that time is precious, technology is transformative, and knowledge is transferable. Not a second will be wasted as we build a community of dedicated providers who want better lives for their chronic pain patients.

Participate and cultivate your expertise.

Get advice and learn from all the key players of pain management so that you can feel confident in your next step of treatment. The program is no-charge to participants and includes specialist mentorship and CEU credits.

How to Participate

Access your ECHO clinics from anywhere, using your computer or mobile device.

  • Register for your Project ECHO of choice
  • 1 CME credit available per each 60-minute full session attended
  • No-charge consultation with a multidisciplinary team of specialists on active cases
  • No homework
  • IT support available

Learning Objectives

After participating in ECHO, providers will be able to:

  • Be able to describe the screening tools useful for management of chronic pain in primary care setting, including those measuring pain intensity, function, and addiction risk.
  • Identify pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment modalities available for patients.
  • Self-regulate attitudes and beliefs about patient presentations to provide safe and effective chronic pain management.
  • Demonstrate ways to manage requests for opioid therapy from patients for whom this type of therapy is appropriate, and those for whom it is not appropriate.

Pain Management ECHO Specialist Panel

You'll have access to a: General Internist, Physical Therapist, Sports Medicine Specialist, Pharmacist, Anesthesiologist, Physiatrist, Sickle Cell Specialist, Palliative Care/Cancer Specialist, Spinal Surgeon, and more

Pain Management ECHO Curriculum

This ECHO runs the first three Fridays of every month, 7:30-8:30am. Topics will be reactive to case discussions and participant needs.  Schedule will be posted as created.

Friday, August 2nd Measuring Pain Severity Jason Womack, MD
Friday, August 9th Measuring Opioid Risk Vamsee Chaguturu, MD
Friday, August 15th Measuring Quality of Life Katie Hottinger, PhD
Friday, September 6th Pain & Disability Ann Hirschman, APN

Future clinical pearls will be set and posted once determined by the group