RWJMS Radiology Department

Thank you for your interest in the RWJMS Radiology Student PACS Program.

Getting Started With The Software Off Site

To get started with the Student PACS extension you need 3 things:

1) A copy of macromedia or adobe flash authoring software (we have used the extension with macromedia 8, through Adobe CS4. The extension has only been tested with a trial copy of adobe flash CS4. A trial version of adobe flash can be obtained from for your PC or MAC.

2) A flash extension manager, which is available from

3) A copy of the Student PACS extension ../SPACS/downloads/StudentPACS102.mxp )

Installation instructions:

1) install your copy of flash, then install the extension manager.

2) run the StudentPACS102.mxp file you downloaded for step 3 above. This file should now be recognized as an adobe flash extension. Agree to allow the extension to install. It is important that you DO NOT HAVE YOUR COPY OF FLASH RUNNING while you perform this step. If you did have it running, you need to quite the flash program and restart it.

3) once the install is complete, start up flash, create a new file (usually actionscript 2 or 3) file. Then under the windows tab, select other panels, and select the StudentPACS panel. This should cause the studentPACS panel to appear. Use this panel to create new modules or edit new ones.

NB: when you create new studentPACS modules or edit existing ones, it is important to use the studentPACS panel, and not the flash software directly.