RWJMS Student PACS Tutorial Cases

Tutorial Case Modules

firefoxThese cases are intended more for medical students; they walk the user through a series of images by prompting the user to first find one structure and then to find another. This encourages a user to orient themselves properly and to look through a study methodically. Findings are enabled one at a time.

Important Note

Please install the latest version of the ADOBE FLASH PLAYER before trying any of the modules.

FAQ's About Our Modules

  1. What systems are your modules compatible with?
    • Our modules should be compatible with any Windows/MAC PC running version 8 or higher of Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player. We tested these modules on a variety of WindowsXP systems running Microsoft IE versions 5 or 6 and Mozilla FireFox along with Flash Player versions 8 and 9.
  2. The screen says "Get Flash" when I click on a module.
    • Either your system doesn't have Flash or your copy is too old. You should click on those words to get the latest version. From our experience, however, this only occurs on very old and locked-down systems, like the public computers at many medical schools, in which case you may unfortunately be out of luck.