Student PACS About US

Current Staff

Department Elective Coordinator: Mary Ellen Hobler

Resident Elective Coordinator: Keyur Patel, MD

Webmaster: Keyur Patel , MD, MS

Elective Student Supervisors

  • Ian Tseng, MD
  • Keyur Patel, MD


  • Salil Soman,MD, MS

Special Thanks

SPACS was developed with funding from the GE 2005-07 GE Healthcare/RSNA World Wide Web-Based Educational Program Grant: Developing a Radiology Clerkship Companion for Medical Students thanks to the blessings of Dr. Judith Amorosa and Dr. Anthony Burgos. Without their feedback, none of these ideas would have come to light.


Ian Tseng, MD - Ian came to notice through his medical school clerkships that looking through imaging studies at a computer in the ER was a lot harder than it was in textbooks and that radiologists were usually too busy to scroll through images with him at a pace that he could appreciate. Based on these problems the idea for SPACS was born. Ian started to learn as much as he could about Flash and dove right into programming the modules, but alas, he came to realize that this was too much programming to do alone during a medicine clerkship, and so he turned to his brother, Gene for help.

Gene Tseng, BS - A computer engineer by training, Gene is responsible for writing the code behind SPACS.

Salil Soman, MD, MS - While a RWJMS Radiology Resident designed the medical student elective, served as the elective resident supervisor from 2007-2009, created the current web site, created the sourceforge project for StudentPACS, conducted medical student and supervising faculty surveys, and presented elective details and survey findings at SIIM 2009 conference.


Scott Kuo, MD, Deepak Raghavan, MD, Keyur Patel, MD, and Sagar Parikh, MD. They created the demo cases seen here and are responsible for presenting SPACS at RSNA. Drs. Matthew Robbins, Salil Soman, Anthony Burgos, and Judith Amorosa have provided the project with images and radiological guidance.