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Certificate of Environmental Compliance (CEC) for DoD Applications

US Army Medical Research Material Command Grant Applications

Certificate of Environmental Compliance- Procedure for RWJMS Faculty

As part of its granting process, the U.S. Army Medical Research Materiel Command (MRMC) requires that the Safety Office sign a “Certificate of Environmental Compliance (CEC)" certifying that hazards described in the proposal have been identified, eliminated, and/or controlled in such a manner to provide for a safe research laboratory environment. EOHSS will email the lab a signed certificate in pdf format after ensuring that any outstanding safety deficiencies have been corrected and that personnel are up-to-date with training.

The Principal Investigator must also sign and submit an Assurance statement to MRMC that he/she shall adhere to the institutional safety and occupational health program policies and procedures, and a statement that the Principal Investigator is responsible and liable for all aspects of safety and occupational health specific to research protocol.

A checklist must be completed and faxed to EOHSS at (732) 235-5270 or emailed to Tracey Pfromm at to initiate the process.

Click Here to download the checklist for CEC for DoD Applications

If you have any questions, contact Tracey Pfromm, Biosafety Officer, at ext. 5-8376 or call the main EOHSS phone number at ext. 5-4058.