Message from the Chair


Welcome to the Mates David and Hinna Stahl Memorial Lecture section of the website. The Stahl Memorial Lecture series began in 1998 with a donation by Theodore Stahl, MD, and Eva Stahl, MD, one year earlier, to Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Both life-long physicians; Ted a radiologist and Eva a dermatologist, the bioethics inherent in medicine was always a topic of great interest to them and the funds were to be used to invite top bioethicists to the medical school to speak on topics of interest to the community, faculty, students and staff alike.

Since their generous gift, the lecture series has attracted a host of national thought leaders and experts who have addressed topics such as ethical issues in the patient-physician relationship, medical and scientific progress, comparative and cost effective healthcare, patient safety and quality improvement, genetic enhancement, organ donation, end-of-life care, social justice in health and healthcare, healthcare rationing and journalistic integrity in medicine and public health, and healthcare reform to name just a few. The endowed lectureship will continue each spring as a new speaker is selected.

The lectureship was created in memory of Dr. Ted Stahl’s parents, Mates David and Hinna Stahl who lived through two major wars, the Holocaust and the Depression. Throughout their lifetime, they became renowned for their commitment to ethical values and appreciation of history and culture.

James Stahl, MD, and Lauren Stahl, are the next generation of the Stahl family to join their parents and grandparents in their commitment to ethical values. The goal of this section of the website is integrate all of the work done by the Stahl family into an informative easy-to-use resource for the study of bioethics.

It is through invigorating thought, robust conversation and scholarly debate that new ideas are born leading to ethically informed and responsible research, education, clinical care, and community service.

Robert C. Like, MD, MS
Chair of the Stahl Memorial Lecture Committee