Group Collaboration Summary

The event collaboration session offers an exciting opportunity for ECHO participants to talk to each other and share ideas. During the 2019 session, we asked participants to take a moment to discuss and rate our achievement on a scale of 1-10 of our vision, “Building Collaborative Communities to Overcome Health Care Disparities.” Each group then offered 1-3 suggestions on what we could do to make the score a 10. They rated us above average and these are their comments which will receive our focus during 2020:

  • Increase participation with different time options and incentives
  • Consider full-time recruitment staff and a “tell a colleague” campaign
  • Continue the focus on Substance Use Disorders and Education
  • Get more underserved communities and different types of providers involved
  • Share the Project ECHO value with specialty associations to increase awareness with their membership.


We welcome you to watch the Learning Collaborative Highlights in this Video to see the energetic exchange of information.  

Revisit this page to check for an update on the date and new location of the 2020 Learning Collaborative