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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a critical and growing workforce that is committed to the health and well-being of their neighbors and addressing barriers to care head on. Join us for a powerful collaborative training series for Frontline Providers and CHWs so you can empower the people in your community with the resources, services, and information they need to confront COVID-19.

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Community Health Workers ECHO Session Leaders

  • Meg Fisher, MD, FAAP - Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Special Advisor to the Commissioner of Health, New Jersey Department of Health
  • Danica LaFortune - Co-Program Director, Community Health Worker Supervisor, Community Doula for SPAN Parent Advocacy Network's Sister to Sister Community Doulas of Essex County Program
  • Kelly N. Moore, Psy.D. - Director, Center for Psychological Services, Grad. School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University
  • Rebecca H. Bryan, DNP - Director of Community Engagement and Professional Development, Rutgers School of Nursing
  • Jennifer M. Nasisi, MPH - Workforce Development Educator, CHW Apprenticeship Program, Ocean Community College
  • Sarah Skrocki, LSW - Perinatal Risk Reduction Specialist, Central Jersey Family Health Consortium

Community Health Workers ECHO Curriculum

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Colette Lamothe-Galette Community Healthworker Institute

The NJ Department of Health (NJDOH) established the Colette Lamothe-Galette (CLG) Community Health Worker Institute through a NJ Department of Labor Apprenticeship program. The Institute is named in honor of Colette Lamothe-Galette, who unfortunately passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19 complications. The goal of the Institute is to create a standardized Community Health Worker (CHW) training and certification program, resulting in a robust CHW workforce. This training program helps prepare and deploy an employee faction critical to the recovery and recuperation of New Jerseys’ most vulnerable communities. It creates a needed infrastructure to support CHWs, and the institutions they serve. Through this work, the NJDOH will create career pipelines for CHWs, enhance CHW skill sets and lead sustainability efforts to support this indispensable workforce.