Doula Supplemental Community Competency Training

How to Participate

Access the Doula SCCT ECHO sessions from anywhere, using your computer or mobile device.

  • Register for all three Doula SCCT ECHO Sessions
  • View each video in the CHW Doula Series
  • Complete the post-session survey
    • The link will be included in the video 
  • Certificates of completion will be distributed only to registered participants who have viewed the 3 Doula Supplemental Core Competency Training sessions and submission of the post-session survey for each session.

  • Viewing the 3-session series and submission of the post-session surveys will satisfy a portion of the Medicaid Certification requirement
January 26th 2021 - A New Opportunity for Medicaid Reimbursement
February 2nd 2021 - Parent-Infant Connection as the Foundation for Wellbeing
February 9th 2021 - Addressing Infant & Maternal Health Inequities: The Urgency of Now