Doula Supplemental Core Competency Training Series

Offered by the New Jersey Department of Health and Rutgers Project ECHO

Join us for an online training for doulas who are going through the Medicaid Fee-for-Service enrollment process. 

Doula Supplemental Competency Training

View and complete the training, which includes three Doula Core Competency sessions.

This series is only available to Doulas who are enrolled in the DOH Medicaid Fee-For-Service enrollment process.

You must complete the modules and post-series survey on the Canvas Management Learning System to satisfy part of your Medicaid Certification requirement. Register now, click here

Canvas Mobile Apps: Are available for both iOS and Android, click here.

For questions about the Doula Medicaid reimbursement program, enrollment or certification, please contact

Have questions about the Project ECHO Doula training and the Canvas Management Learning system, please click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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      I finished my training, how do I get my certificate?
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